SAP Yard Logistics

Run more efficient and sustainable truck, container, and rail yard management. Simplify and optimize supply chain management with SAP Yard Logistics.

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What SAP YL Delivers For Your Business

Make your yard management a competitive advantage through the following system features:

Real-time 3D visibility

Monitor yard functionality and visualize status information via Color-Coding.


Transport platform digitalization

Speed up the gate processes using advanced data analytics.


Cost-saving automation

Reduce waiting times by supporting check-in and check-out as well as yard movements.


IoT integration

Access mobile work environment and save yard order-related data using geofencing support.


Berth scheduling and optimization

Optimize berth planning and graphically visualize berth plans.


EWM and YL in one solution

Enable communication and confirmation of transportation-relevant data in one system.


Monitoring and inspection

Record inspection-related information and manage exceptions with monitoring functionality.


Multilevel loading scheme

Enhance the existing loading scheme functionality by including automatic loading position determination.

Ensure improved support of planning, execution, and billing with integrated yard logistics management!

Explore Key Capabilities of SAP YL

Discover SAP YL possibilities throughout the entire logistics operations flow:
Strategic and operational planning

Strategic and operational planning

  • Dock Appointment Scheduling
  • Logistics Business Network access
  • Advanced Task Planning with BRFplus
Berth Scheduling Optimization

Berth Scheduling Optimization

  • Easy scheduling overview with the new Gantt Chart UI
  • Improved use of available berths
  • Optimized process flow and less manual planning effort
Self Check-In

Self Check-In

  • Easy-to-use and expandable user interface
  • Guided procedure for step-by-step processing
  • Questionnaire definition 
Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

  • Warehouse door determination
  • Loading/unloading notifications
  • Cross-docking transportation
Execution process

Execution process

  • Yard Order Processing and automation
  • Mobile Yard Task assignment and execution
  • 3D visualization of the yard
  • Yard Cockpit availability in UI5 on any device
Automated check-out with BRFplus

Automated check-out with BRFplus

  • Plan and organize transportation units
  • Process flexibility
  • Real-time data flow and response
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Get support throughout each step of yard logistics management

Complementary solutions for SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Yard Logistics is flexible and can be used in various system landscapes. Furthermore, it can be implemented successfully into integrated scenarios of logistics service providers and shippers. We can suggest a customized module integration regarding your current business needs.
SAP Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management

  • Collect and use traffic data
  • Identify infrastructure bottlenecks and breakdowns in advance and avoid them
  • Optimize freight costs
SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

  • Improve inventory accuracy and timely reporting
  • Ensure constant availability of goods
  • Cut costs associated with IT infrastructure maintenance


Our Partnerships

Due to our partnership with hardware vendors, SAP Yard Logistics and SAP Transportation Management solutions help our clients to  boost their business efficiency. We cooperate only with global leading manufacturers such as Ruptela (GPS and asset trackers) to offer high-quality and optimal service from recommendations till supply.

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