Streamline All of Your Yard Operations with SAP Yard Logistics

LeverX will show you how to reduce processing time and increase customer satisfaction with SAP YL

Consider the SAP Yard Logistics solution to get rid of all weaknesses of the yard management process

Regardless of what industry you are in, common transportation challenges unite all who have to deal with the shipping processes and yard activities. There is a bunch of factors slowing down check-ins, like big trucks or mistakes in information filled in manually.

Planning issues occur due to the lack of essential data and insufficient integration between the solutions covering all yard management processes. It is time to reach a new level of 

yard management and experience real-time visibility of yard processes, automatic tracking, and easy access to remote areas. All these features are joined in one solution, SAP Yard Logistics (YL).

SAP YL is a yard management system designed to facilitate truck, rail, and container yard operations. LeverX specialists point out the advantages of SAP YL in terms of multiple increase in automated actions and smooth connections to billing and transportation.

SAP Yard Logistics in a nutshell: every single capability encourages high process efficiency

SAP YL’s functionality has been developed with the aim to mitigate all yard processing pain points. In particular, Dock Appointment Scheduling lets preventing misunderstandings in loading arrangements. The Self Check-In option gives truck drivers an opportunity to do it via the mobile app and select a language. As the SAP YL system can classify transportation units, picking the most convenient available transportation unit improves the quality of service and reduces execution time.

The power of the Internet of Things with its smart sensors and drones is responsible for tracking assets and immediate reporting, which prevents critical situations.

Mobile facilities eliminate redundant paper-based processes and allow operating the SAP YL system through various devices. Overall, if you make SAP YL a part of your software system infrastructure, all yard logistics processes will move towards a new level.

So, why SAP YL?

Save time and costs

SAP YL optimizes space consumption in the yard, visualizes the yard in 3D, and speeds up processing time of yard activities

Benefit from the advanced analytics

More analytical and reporting opportunities are available as well as a centralized system for document storage, which implies consistent data management

Enhance yard visibility

Track the activity status real-time, be aware of the current location of assets, and avoid malfunctions

Improve quality of service

Rich planning capabilities, mobile scenarios for task processing, and intuitive user interface contribute to achieving this goal

Go digital

Complete digitalization in the yard is provided thanks to the radio-frequency identification, drones, sensors, and mobile devices

Form an integrated business network

You can either integrate SAP YL with SAP ERP, SAP TM, and SAP EWM or use it as a standalone solution

LeverX experts know for sure how to exceed your expectations from SAP YL

Our team makes an all-out effort to adapt the SAP Yard Logistics solutions to the requirements of our customers’ businesses. Our contribution goes beyond mere implementation — as soon as we know the ropes of the product, we examine our clients’ demands first and then customize the solution according to them. If the integration with the external systems is needed, LeverX easily copes with such tasks.

 To add functionality to the yard tracking process, LeverX SAP YL experts take on the creation of co-tools. For instance, mobile app development is essential for conducting offline operations in the yard.

 You will never face any difficulties while working with the system, because our consulting team is always ready to share their SAP YL knowledge and profound expertise. With LeverX consulting and training services, you will manage the yard with no trouble, process much more tasks than ever before, and combine high security standards with the increased performance.