SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD)

Intelligent product design and development within the supply chain

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Empower the enterprise to innovate, iterate, and introduce new products by close looping insights, processes, and people!

SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD) is a cloud-based application suite comprised of solution offerings in the areas of

  • Collaboration. Enable collaborative product development across extended enterprise
  • Engineering. Link product data with customer requirements
  • Visualization. Realize the visual digital thread from design to operate
  • Connected Products. Enable Industry 4.0 in your product lifecycle


SAP EPD key capabilities and key features


  • Share documents
  • 3D visual design & redlining
  • Simple task and workflow management
  • Collaboration on structured product data incl.


  • Supplier collaboration


  • Requirements acquisition and management
  • Functional structure management
  • Impact analysis
  • Test planning and execution


  • Import, browse and share
  • Visual data integration
  • Author, edit and enhance visualizations
  • 3D visual work instructions

Connected Products

  • Simulation based on digital twin
  • Virtual sensors
  • Heath predictions
  • What-If simulation
The implementation of SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD) allows your business to:

Efficiently handle enterprise-wide product processes

Drive efficiency in design and development by combining engineering and business data across the enterprise

Increase transparency and risk mitigation by engaging with the right supplier

Collaborate secure and seamless on product data like BOMs, materials, documents

Efficiently collaborate using workflows and task management

Improve training, manufacturing execution, and service by providing access and visibility to business data via 3D visual index

Let LeverX accelerate your implementation of SAP EPD

LeverX consultants are ready to assist your organization with both the implementation and configuration of standard EPD.

LeverX can also help you extend standard EPD capabilities utilizing the EPD enhancement framework to further improve the integration into your existing SAP infrastructure.