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SAP Field Service Management Software

Transform field operations with SAP Field Service Management to lead the charge in eco-friendly practices by optimizing service delivery and bolstering sustainability initiatives.

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How Your Business Will Benefit from SAP FSM

SAP FSM can revolutionize your operations using cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML. Experience a host of benefits that include:

Boosted first-time fix rates

AI-driven recommendations swiftly identify the best technicians nearby and ensure they have the materials to complete the job on the initial visit. Improve customer satisfaction and enhance efficiency by conserving energy and human resources.

Seamless process integration

Harmonize front- and back-office processes for effective collaboration and greater visibility. Delight both service providers and customers with a modern, streamlined field service experience through SAP FSM integration with other solutions.

Sustainable practices

Achieve sustainability goals by reducing the service-related carbon footprint. Optimize route planning, minimize return trips, and gain better fuel management visibility to make a positive environmental impact.

Proactive asset management

Integrate field service management with EAM solutions for preventative maintenance using real-time insights, IoT, and advanced predictive analytics. Keep your assets running optimally and avoid costly downtime.

Cost efficiency

Streamline processes and utilize intelligent, data-driven dispatching to maximize productivity and revenue while effectively controlling operational costs.

Empowered technicians

Provide your workforce with anywhere access to critical information through desktops or mobile devices. Equip them with customer asset data, service history, and necessary documentation for efficient remote assistance.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Resolve issues swiftly, meet service level agreements (SLAs), and ensure satisfied customers with the right tools and processes at your disposal.

Real-time performance monitoring

Gain real-time insights into field service operations, allowing you to monitor technician performance, track service progress, and identify potential bottlenecks. With instant access to key performance indicators, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize efficiency and effectively allocate resources.

Seamless customer communication

Foster better customer communication through automated notifications, updates, and feedback mechanisms. Keep clients informed about service appointments, expected arrival times, and work progress, which leads to increased transparency and customer confidence in your services. Building stronger relationships with customers enhances brand loyalty and encourages repeat business.
Experience the future of field service management and elevate your business to new heights of success.

How SAP FSM Empowers Your Business for Success

Discover various advanced solution features designed to optimize your field service operations, schedule, and workforce.

Digitalized FSM for seamless field operations

  • Seamlessly manage front- and back-office processes through an integrated platform for efficient collaboration.
  • Optimize workforce with AI-driven job tracking and dispatching in real-time.
  • Enhance customer experience with instant updates and messages through automation.
  • Make informed decisions using embedded charts and advanced reporting for valuable insights.

AI-driven schedule optimization

  • Automate scheduling with the flexibility to trigger it automatically upon request, internal or external events, or pre-defined schedules. 
  • Efficiently match activities to the most suitable technicians based on location, skillset, and availability.
  • Customize scheduling policies effortlessly using a no-code designer to meet your company's specific requirements. 
  • Seamlessly integrate appointment booking with external solutions like customer or commerce platforms.

Mobile workforce enablement

  • Enable technicians with native offline-first applications, providing uninterrupted access to customer and job information.
  • Offer guided workflow and smart forms to support correct and safe task execution with step-by-step guidance and relevant data.
  • Enhance scheduling and safety through real-time location tracking of field workers using GPS technology.
  • Generate job completion reports, capture on-site customer signatures, and access reports offline or online for seamless service reporting.

Crowd services

  • Efficiently manage crowd service partner records, branding, status, and invitations. 
  • Access and oversee job orders, schedules, and customer data in an intuitive online portal for service partners. 
  • Optimize the entire workforce through AI-driven scheduling, matching tasks with the right workers based on location, skills, and availability. 
  • Integrate procurement processes to streamline workflows and boost overall efficiency.

Self-service tools and chatbots

  • Access equipment information, review service history, contact support, and submit service requests.
  • Initiate service requests through a guided chatbot, providing relevant details like issue description, location, and pictures.
  • Stay informed with timely updates on service request status and receive estimated technician arrival time.
  • View completed requests and provide valuable feedback – positive or negative – with comments on the service provided.

Augmented reality and remote assistance

  • Optimize frontline worker performance with remote assistance using augmented reality, enabling improved first-time fix rates.
  • Streamline support calls, troubleshooting procedures, and service reports through automated digital documentation.
  • Elevate knowledge transfer and service quality by providing expert-guided visual steps through smart glasses and mobile devices.
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Why Choose LeverX as Your SAP Implementation Provider?

Global system integrator

  • LeverX is an International company with 14 offices in 10 countries that specializes in SAP Implementation and customization.
  • Full-cycle technology consulting, development, and cost-effective implementation services for successful business transformation and sustainability.
  • We offer custom software development services to companies to deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to clients' specific requirements.

Technology & Management

  • Short engagement ramp-up and project set-up, strong management
  • Continuous investment in innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies (Data Science, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain etc.)
  • Creation of projects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 55001 quality and safety standards.


  • 20+ years of working with SAP solutions. LeverX is an SAP-certified partner and preferred vendor.
  • 1 600 IT-experts with deep knowledge of the latest SAP technologies and solutions.
  • 950+ successful projects. We help companies of all sizes and across various industries to leverage the power of SAP.

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How to Succeed With LeverX

Observe six key steps when working with our SAP experts.
Develop an implementation strategy based on the customer's business requirements and solution capabilities.


Finalize project plans and goals. We determine a project structure, management, tracking, and reporting mechanisms with the customer. At this stage, roles and responsibilities in the project team are defined.


Verify that the solution and project scope meet the customer's business requirements.


Customize and integrate SAP components into the customer's IT infrastructure. Our experts configure and further develop the system if required.


Transfer from legacy systems into the SAP production system, tests, and roles/authorizations validation for all users.


Run the solution with the provision of go-live support, fixes, and monitoring to perfectly adapt the new software to your business processes.