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Payment Terms Governance

Set up payment terms correctly and monitor the accuracy of purchasing documents.

Manage Payment Terms Across All Integrated Systems

Payment Terms Governance represents a set of four indivisible applications designed to establish correct payment terms for purchasing documents.

5 reasons why you should consider Payment Terms Governance as a tool for simplifying payment terms management

The major objective of Payment Terms Governance is to enable a right choice of payment terms for all documents created across any SAP system.

Eliminate any uncoordinated activities from purchasers.

Avoid random payment terms selection and forget about chaotic actions.

Maintain payment terms in a centralized way.

Track all purchasing documents without efforts after connecting Payment Terms Governance to your SAP systems.

Define which payment terms work best for specific purchasing documents with the help of Payment Terms Governance.

One application group provides multitasking functionality to its users

Each of the four applications within the Payment Terms Governance group performs a set of functions, thus ensuring smooth payment terms management.

Request Payment Terms

  • The first step is creating central payment terms in the app
  • A responsible person well aware of all organizational procedures makes a request for payment terms
  • Payment terms are related to the procurement strategy

Payment Terms Rules

  • Set up payment terms regulations
  • Specify criteria using purchasing attributes (purchasing organization, purchasing group, country, etc.)
  • Restrict payment terms usage if necessary

Monitor Payment Terms

  • Check purchasing document details against payment terms rules
  • Choose a correct payment term for each document
  • Consider ‘proposed’ payment terms as alternatives in case a payment term gains an ‘at risk’ status

Manage Payment Terms Mapping

  • Map payment terms across the SAP systems
  • Link all SAP systems together

Key Features and Capabilities

IQ PWC offers the following key features and capabilities to support the product change process.

Strategic Purchasers

  • Request new payment terms
  • Create rules of payment terms usage
  • Inform operational purchasers about the irrelevant usage of payment terms in purchasing documents
  • Update purchasing documents if there is a need


  • Create payment terms
  • Map payment terms across all SAP systems within a company

Operational Purchasers

  • Make different types of purchasing documents
  • Use proper payment terms in the purchasing documents they produce
  • Follow the rules already set in the application
  • Verify the accuracy of purchasing documents


Trial Edition


  • 1 Connected System
  • Unlimited Rules
  • 3 Active Users
  • 1 Month Only

Basic Edition


  • 1 Connected System
  • 100 Rules
  • 100 Active Users

Standard Edition


  • Unlimited Systems
  • Unlimited Rules
  • 100 Active Users

Unlimited Edition


  • Unlimited Systems
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Unlimited Active Users

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