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SAP Business Technology Platform

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Challenges That SAP BTP Will Help You Overcome

Necessity to engage third-party providers

Sometimes, in-house IT teams may not have enough experience to work in a complex development environment or develop additional applications/add-ons for current products.

SAP BTP provides low-code and no-code development tools to build necessary cutting-edge apps and allow you to keep them up-to-date.

Lack of integrated processes

Today, companies often use software developed by different providers based on various technologies. They lose about $500,000 annually due to enterprise software fragmentation.

SAP Integration Suite helps you connect and automate business processes with integrations, connectors, APIs, and best practices for a faster ROI. Moreover, this solution includes various predefined integration scenarios to boost your already implemented SAP solutions.

Getting insights into data

Enterprise software fragmentation may result in irrelevant data, which is not necessary for enterprise planning and decision-making. 

SAP Analytics Cloud modernizes data foundation, extends analysis capabilities across the company, and delivers trusted insights into hidden data trends.

Limited capacities of current IT solutions

Although the IT market offers various technologies for business success, companies are in no hurry to implement new technologies or update current solutions. In this case, businesses risk losing a competitive advantage.

With SAP BTP, you can maintain an up-to-date IT landscape with cloud technologies, cutting-edge toolsets, and proven secured approaches. You can deploy and run AI models at scale without compromising data privacy and cost-effectiveness.

Necessity of creating and maintaining complex IT infrastructure

SAP BTP combines PaaS offerings with a range of ready-to-go SaaS solutions. It helps you focus on addressing business issues rather than creating, securing, and maintaining a complex IT infrastructure.

SAP BTP Use Cases

Learn how SAP BTP can boost various lines of business.
Enterprise resource planning
Human capital management
Spend management
Supply chain management
Customer experience

Enterprise resource planning

Integrating resilient SAP BTP apps with SAP S/4HANA Cloud helps companies improve their core processes and achieve smooth operations. Developing SAP S/4HANA extensions with SAP BTP and the "Keep the core clean" concept allows you to easily build and maintain highly customizable workflows and add-ons, in addition to your existing SAP S/4HANA systems.

Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

  • Develope low-code/no-code applications to extend, improve, or customize SAP S/4HANA processes with low efforts
  • Implement complex and custom cloud-native and mobile apps using industry-standard technologies
  • Easily incorporate third-party data integration modules 
  • Find hidden insights and value in non-structured enterprise data
  • Scale Сloud-native apps automatically
  • Access SAP S/4HANA Cloud data securely

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Use SAP BTP to Meet Your Specific Business Needs

What Does SAP BTP Offer?


Cloud capabilities running on the hyperscalers landscapes


Solutions for application development and application extensibility


Tools for Integration (cloud to on-premise, cloud to cloud)


Tools for data and data management


Analytical tools and solutions


Artificial Intelligence services

BTP Packaged Solutions


SAP BTP Technical Advisory

Client Need: to assess the internal landscape, analyze existing business issues, and identify suitable solutions while taking into account SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).


SAP S/4HANA Extensions Strategy Advisory

Client Need: to establish a strategy to implement S/4HANA Extensions following the principle of "Keep Core Clean." Additionally, an assessment of the current landscape needs to be conducted.

AI Capabilities Advisory

Client Need: to leverage advanced AI technologies to address specific business requirements.


SAP Products Extensibility (S/4HANA)

Client Need: to implement S/4HANA Extensions guided by the "Keep Core Clean" principle and side-by-side extensions approach.

SAP Products Extensibility (Digital Supply Chain)

Client Need: to customize, extent, integrate or improve processes connected to SAP DSC products and/or 3rd party solutions.

SAP Products Extensibility (Product Lifecycle Management)

Client Need: to customize, extent, integrate or improve processes connected to SAP PLM products and/or 3rd party solutions.

SAP Products Extensibility (SuccessFactors)

Client Need: to customize, extent, integrate or improve processes connected to SAP SuccessFactors products and/or 3rd party solutions.

SAP Products Extensibility (Ariba)

Client Need: to customize, extent, integrate or improve processes connected to SAP Ariba products and/or 3rd party solutions.


Integration Framework

Client Need: to create an integration or orchestration layer for processes, data flows and APIs used in the landscape. There is a need to create robust, flexible integration layer of make an assessment or improvements of existing company integration infrastructure.

Data Analytics & AI

Client Need: to create and develop data-driven decision-making processes, improve operational efficiency.

Applications and Process Automation

Client Need: to streamline business operations, increase efficiency, and reduce manual effort.


SAP BTP Modernization and Migration

Client Need: to modernize the landscape and migrate the services, applications and data to new environment.

LeverX Knows How to Use the Power of the Business Technology Platform to Make Informed Decisions

Due to our experience working with other cloud SAP solutions, we can share valuable insights on choosing the right technology before starting a project. In this case, we also take into account your specific business scenario.

Our experience working with the platform’s components and deep knowledge of the entire SAP ecosystem lets us show you how to achieve impressive business results and turn data into business value.

SAP BTP pillars we adopt:

App development and automation
- SAP Application Runtimes and Environments
- SAP Custom Development and Extensions
- SAP Work Zone
- SAP Process Automation
- SAP AppGyver
Data and analytics
- Data Storage
- Data Processing
- SAP Work Zone
- Data Integration
- Data Orchestration
- Data Warehousing
- SAP HANA Cloud
- SAP Analytics Cloud
- SAP Integration Suite
- SAP Data Intelligence
- SAP Extension Suite
- One Domain Model
- Event Mesh
- API Business Hub
Extended planning and analysis
- SAP S/4HANA Cloud & Analytics Cloud
- SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP)
- SAP SuccessFactors and Analytics Cloud
- SAP Territory and Quota

As an advocate of the SAP strategy and mission, our team knows SAP BTP’s strengths and advantages for businesses.

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Case Studies

Meet Our BTP Team

Why choose LeverX as your SAP Implementation provider?

Deep expertise

LeverX has been working with SAP BTP and its predecessors since 2015. We adopted the new technologies and services early and permanently added them to the platform using SAP.

Faster implementation

Our experience in developing full-cycle end-to-end solutions with modern cloud and native technologies ensures high-quality implementation and adoption of SAP BTP services in a short time. Additionally, close collaboration with SAP on standard and custom development projects helps us provide solutions according to SAP's best practices in security and quality areas.

100+ successful projects in the BTP area

With over 20 years of experience in SAP solution implementation and customization, we have a deep understanding of business needs and provide the best solution to meet the needs within any industry.