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What Does SAP BTP Offer?

Discover the transformative power of SAP BTP in partnership with LeverX. Explore how you can build faster, leverage AI capabilities, gain insights anywhere, and streamline processes with advanced BTP solutions and our expertise.
Application development and automation
Artificial intelligence
Data and analytics
Extended planning and analysis

Application development and automation

Leverage the SAP Build Portfolio to develop and enhance enterprise applications and automate business processes!

  • Accelerate app development with customizable low-code and pro-code tools and streamline business processes with ready-made workflows and RPA bots.
  • Seamlessly integrate SAP S/4HANA "Clean Core" extensions to streamline core business processes and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Extend the capabilities of SAP Cloud ERP solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Ariba through customizable extensions, enabling tailored functionalities to meet specific business needs.

Explore BTP solutions that make it possible:

SAP Build Code: Boost productivity through generative AI-powered code development with Joule copilot, optimized for Java and JavaScript applications, Node.js environments, and mobile app development.

SAP Build Apps: Seamlessly create and enhance enterprise applications, automate processes, and visually design business sites.

SAP Build Work Zone: Collaborate effectively across teams and stakeholders by leveraging SAP Build Work Zone, a centralized platform for ideation, prototyping, and project management.

SAP Build Process Automation: Streamline and optimize your business operations with SAP Build's Process Automation capabilities, enabling efficient workflows and enhanced productivity.

SAP BTP ABAP Environment: Develop and deploy ABAP cloud applications and extensions effortlessly.

SAP Fiori: Enhance user experience with SAP Fiori's modern design principles and customizable interface to streamline workflows and improve productivity.

Use SAP BTP to Meet Your Specific Business Needs

LeverX’s BTP Enterprise Evolution Center

Welcome to LeverX's BTP Enterprise Evolution Center, where we lead the charge in transforming enterprises through strategic BTP expertise and innovative solutions. Dedicated to reshaping the digital landscape, we provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance operational efficiency, foster innovation, and drive sustained growth for businesses.

LeverX’s BTP Evolution Center in numbers:

BTP services coverage
BTP projects
Engineers and consultants
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We understand the frustration of uncertainty surrounding BTP project costs. Share the details of your project with us, and we'll provide you with a project & services cost and timeline!

BTP Enterprise Evolution Center Team Key Differentiators

Deep expertise

Clients across diverse industries trust LeverX's certified experts in SAP BTP, AWS, Azure, and GCP for their cloud expertise. With a 10-year track record, our team has been involved in working with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud Platform solutions, predecessors of SAP BTP, gaining profound expertise in the SAP BTP environment that now allows us to seamlessly integrate new technologies and services into our clients’ systems.

*Learn more about our competencies and specializations at SAP Partner Finder

Evolving together with SAP

We actively participate in various SAP programs and connect with SAP Program Leads and Product Owners in areas like Mobile Development, Integration, SAP Build & ABAP Environment areas. Our involvement in initiatives such as the SAP NEO Sunset Program, S/4HANA Customer Advocacy, and the SAP Enterprise Architects Community helps us stay current with SAP standards and best practices. This ensures we grow alongside SAP and maintain our up-to-date, deep knowledge of the SAP environment.

Strategic SAP supplier

LeverX innovates and develops cutting-edge SAP BTP services and tools as a strategic SAP supplier, actively contributing to SAP's ecosystem. Our contribution spans S/4HANA Core Services, SAP BTP Core Services, SAP Products add-ons, and participation in prestigious contests like the SAP Innovation Awards and SAP BTP AI programs sponsored by SAP.

Swift project initiation & implementation

LeverX adopts a startup mindset to swiftly initiate and implement projects, prioritizing critical use cases and swiftly prototyping Minimum Valuable Products (MVPs) to meet tight deadlines. Leveraging our deep expertise in developing end-to-end solutions with modern cloud and native technologies, we also ensure rapid and high-quality implementation of SAP BTP services. LeverX also expedites the onboarding of necessary experts, ensuring seamless integration into ongoing projects without significant delays.

Comprehensive end-to-end support

With our extensive portfolio boasting 200+ successful BTP implementations, LeverX offers comprehensive end-to-end support. From conceptualization to go-live, we accompany clients throughout the project lifecycle, adapting to evolving needs and guaranteeing successful project delivery. Beyond our BTP engineering expertise, we also have consultants and SMEs across solutions like SAP S/4HANA,  SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), SAP Digital Supply Chain (DSC), SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network (ISBN), and SAP Human Resources (HR).

BTP accelerators

LeverX is a trusted leader renowned for its innovative solutions, including BTP accelerators such as DataLark, a robust data integration tool. Rooted in SAP AppHaus methodology, which is based on Design Thinking principles, we foster a culture of creativity and collaboration. This unique blend empowers teams to ideate, prototype, and deliver transformative solutions, making innovation not just a goal but a way of life at LeverX.

SAP BTP Packaged Service Offerings

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