Discover a wide range of tools to boost your manufacturing efficiency

New ways to shorten production cycles and optimize supply chain management

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Innovative manufacturing technology solutions for the new growth

We help to develop and implement a well-integrated and comprehensive ERP solution that is essential to:

Provide efficient supply chain management without the added complexity

Cut costs and optimize production in an uncertain economy

Retain talented manufacturing professionals

Find the best prices faster with automated quote requests to your suppliers

Selected projects

Outrun your competition in every way with SAP for process and discrete manufacturing

LeverX offers manufacturers the tools they need to markedly improve business performance in many areas – from talent and supply chain management to process automation and quality control.

Our solutions are based on the wide range of existing SAP tools for manufacturers. These tools are tightly integrated with the client’s existing software infrastructure in order to eliminate any routine tasks that can be automated.

14 years of expertise working with the IM&C industry

Our team will ensure that after the completion of our project you can:

  • Prioritize efficient supply chain management
  • Minimize scrap and rework
  • Receive a live, condensed view of the company’s most vital data
  • Get detailed insights into the most important finances, supply, logistics, and customer data
  • Get a clear view on where the bottlenecks and other issues are
  • Adapt faster to market demands

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