We are a tested SAP rollout provider for Russia and Eastern Europe

Standardize your production across all regions. Ensure compliance throughout facilities

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Expand your SAP business benefits to new locations with SAP rollouts

LeverX offers SAP rollout solutions that will help you standardize and convert your business processes to the legislation of Russia, Belarus, and other Eastern European countries.

We will expertly create and adapt your corporate template to unique regulations of the CIS countries, while ensuring:

Successful rollout strategy for the local branch
Thorough employee training
Full compliance with Russian and Belarusian regulations
RU-ADDON installation and fine-tuning

LeverX as a trusted SAP rollout expert

The LeverX team uses thorough staff training for the IT department and regular users – with our own tech support at the ready – to make each rollout as stress-free and fluid as possible.

Established stages of the streamlined rollout process

(Analysis, implementation, data migration, training, and support)

Customer-centric development methodologies

(ASAP, Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, etc.)

A strong team of consultants and developers with hands-on experience in SAP rollout specifics

Flexible warranty period after the project is complete

Development and adoption of corporate templates based on SAP guidelines and best practices

Our SAP consultants will ensure the compliance of your system with the requirements and needs of the local market in

Taxation, accounting, and customs regulations
Logistics, sales, and supply
Integration with local government portals

With a proven track record of multiple successful rollouts for international companies in Eastern Europe, the LeverX team can ensure that the new system is well-integrated into your existing SAP environment, compliant with local regulations, and working flawlessly.

Risk-free data migration solutions

Data migration is an integral part of rollout and implementation projects. The LeverX team can help you migrate to either on-premise or cloud-based SAP software with minimum issues. We use the SAP Rapid Data Migration tool and a rigid implementation plan to complete the project faster and achieve:

Minimum production downtime

High user adoption rates

Tech support ready to help with any user questions

Warranty period