Achieve your strategic goals with the LeverX SAP consulting team

Our deep industry knowledge will help you get the most out of your investment in SAP

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Invest in an SAP consulting team that puts the customer first

The LeverX consulting team has a wealth of knowledge in SAP implementations. We take the time to understand your culture, management, and pain points and will help to guide the change necessary to improve your business performance with SAP.

Clear insights from an SAP consulting expert

We know that an SAP implementation is a massive challenge. The LeverX team will help you avoid common project pitfalls and minimize the risk of failure in a number of ways.

Creating an SAP implementation and adoption strategy

LeverX SAP consultants will help to develop an adoption strategy that establishes clear deadlines, project success criteria, business requirements, and goals. We will ensure that the contractor properly executes every stage of the project, without taking shortcuts of compromising quality.

Evaluating business challenges and benefits

The LeverX team will define your current business challenges and outline areas of improvement. We will develop project success criteria and expertly perform project assessment after the implementation — no need to depend solely on the judgment of your system integrator. These results will paint the whole picture of the implementation and clearly show what was done well and what areas may need improvement.

Engaging shareholders and key employees

SAP implementation is impossible without a complete understanding of how the company works as a whole. For larger organizations it can quickly become overwhelming to dig up all that industry knowledge and expertise and consolidate it into the technical requirements for the implementation project.

Guiding organizational change in the company

A successfully implemented SAP solution inevitably brings change to the company. Business processes become structured, whereas employee routine is more optimized. To achieve this, we keep communication lines open between the company management, key company departments and the integrator.

Setting clear implementation milestones

Clear milestones guide project development and give it structure. They help to shape the project and keep it on schedule with individual deadlines. Each project phase has four milestones that indicate significant project advancement.

Managing the scope and scale of the project

It’s important to confine the project within the budget and schedule and avoid scope creep. LeverX consultants help to develop a solid implementation plan to keep the project on track and eliminate the ever-growing wishlist of features. Once the main implementation is finished, these features can be added in iterational updates to further streamline your business.

Diverse industry expertise

We’ve gained ample experience through developing and supporting solutions in a range of markets. This experience now serves as an effective tool in helping businesses extract maximum benefits from SAP software, for every stage of your journey, including planning, implementation, or upgrade.