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How Can SAP Recipe Development (SAP RD) Help Your Business?

SAP Recipe Development facilitates the entire formulation development cycle — from the idea to manufacturing in a variety of ways. 

Centralized platform

The storage of all recipes, formulas, and ingredient data in one centralized place allows for the simultaneous display and alteration of multiple recipes and formulas. You can easily search and navigate to linked Recipe objects: Specification, Materials, Documents, and Labels.

Data management and reporting

The entire history of product development and the alterations made in the process is saved, simplifying reporting regarding planned or unplanned inspections.

Resource planning

The solution allows a more straightforward determination of the requirements for the equipment and production processes, management of accountability, and cost. 

Ingredient management

With a built-in calculation function, optimal ingredient management with improved cost planning is easily attained, also opening up space for quick recipe alternative creation. 


The product labeling process is streamlined using referenced Recipe/Specification data and Phrase management capabilities. 
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Why Use SAP Recipe Development (SAP RD)

SAP RD is a powerful asset for production businesses, facilitating higher product excellence and increased profitability. So if you wonder whether it is a good choice for your business, consider some advantages SAP RD offers.

Extra convenience in organizing processes

With Fiori's user-friendly interface, locating, tracking, analyzing, and downloading information is significantly more straightforward; this applies to both the UI and the UX.


Regulatory compliance

With S/4HANA PLM, the execution of product compliance checks across multiple legal regulations has become easier than ever.


Secure access to all the vital data

Fiori is an intuitive, secure platform that allows commercial, factory, warehouse, master data, marketing, and supply chain departments to quickly and easily access the required PLM data. Role-based security measures are pre-integrated to guarantee safety.


Transparency into recipe development

SAP RD provides tables displaying equations for generating, communicating, and altering input and output components, as well as potential alternative formulas.


A comprehensive view of all operations

SAP RD lets you keep a bird's eye view of the entire recipe development process. This results in forming, displaying, and altering the components' order, including process steps, operations, and activities.


Cost-efficient data management

By utilizing SAP RD, businesses no longer have to be responsible for sustaining recipe data in external systems and consequently save on maintenance costs and integration processes.

Key Functionalities of SAP RD


Alternative Recipe and Recipe Version

  • Get the perfect recipe every time with easy-to-manage recipe versions
  • Create alternative recipes and multiple versions for each new recipe to optimize your product development process
Recipe Types

Recipe Types

  • Create product-specific types with a unique set of control attributes and supported functions
  • Differentiate recipes based on plant, region, or site
  • Define alternative recipes, calculate allergen, nutrient, and cost values, and transfer them to the primary output
Recipe Purpose

Recipe Purpose

  • Quickly navigate between recipes used for production or development
  • Easily create efficient processes based on the recipe purpose sequence
Plant Dependency

Plant Dependency

  • Automatically ensure recipe accuracy with built-in plant-dependency validation
  • Easily synchronize recipes to the Manufacturing BOM and Master Recipe
  • Identify the correct materials to assign to the formula items
  • Keep consistency checks fast and reliable 
Status Schemes for Recipes

Status Schemes for Recipes

  • Increase your visibility and oversight of recipes from development to production
  • Enjoy faster synchronization of data and greater flexibility in moving between departments
  • Ensure an easy transition from recipe development to production BOMs with no added steps
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The Way to Success With LeverX Group

The six main steps you will take with our SAP experts.
Develop the implementation strategy based on your business requirements and solution capabilities.


Plan the project and finalize goals. Together, we will determine a project structure, management, tracking, and reporting mechanisms. At this stage, roles and responsibilities in the project team are defined.


Verify the project plan. We make sure that the solution and project scope meet your business requirements.


Customize and integrate SAP components into your IT infrastructure. Our experts configure and further develop the system if required.


Transfer data from legacy systems into the SAP production system, test the system, and validate roles/authorizations for all users.


Run the solution with the provision of go-live support, fixes, and monitoring to smoothly adapt the new software to your business processes.


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