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Business-First Solutions

  • Full-cycle enterprise resource management
  • Transparent product life cycle
  • Cost-effective supply chain
  • Profitable procurement
  • Zero-waste LEAN manufacturing
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    Customer-First Solutions

  • Efficient customer relationship management
  • Seamless experience
  • Better UX for the end user
  • Convenient booking and pay methods
  • A taste of innovation
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    Streamline Your Manufacturing

    Streamline Your Manufacturing

    • ERP
    • Planning
    • Analyzing
    Automate Marketing Activities

    Automate Marketing Activities

    • CRM
    • Advertising
    • Emails
    Assure Cost-Saving Procurement

    Assure Cost-Saving Procurement

    • Materials
    • Suppliers
    • Documents
    Supply Chain

    Amplify Your Supply Chain

    • WMS
    • TMS
    • Yard
    Manage Your Assets

    Manage Your Assets

    • Maintenance
    • Repair
    • Analyzing
    Retain Talents

    Retain Talents

    • Loyalty
    • Operational
    • Learning
    Consumer Experience-min

    Improve End Consumer Experience

    • Mobile Apps
    • Web Apps
    • Innovative Solutions
    Boost Your Sales

    Boost Your Sales

    • CRM
    • POS
    • Ecommerce platforms

    Fastest Way to Innovative Technologies

    We are proud to have earned a reputation of a reliable software development provider, which is supported by feedback received from our clients.

    V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Connectivity

    One of possible use cases for the technology would be aimed at reducing accidents on the road. This could be achieved through:

    • Connection of vehicles to all types of road and traffic objects
    • Information sharing between cars on the road (position, speed, etc.)
    • Automatic notification system on any accidents nearby

    Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS)

    To ensure safe driving with tech solutions, we offer our expertise in AI and Data Science for the creation of advanced driver-assistance systems that reduce the number of car crashes and the serious impact of those.
    Using RADAR sensors and deep learning algorithms, the software offers the following features:

    • Blind spot detection
    • Automatic emergency braking
    • Connectivity and voice-activated technologies (lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, etc.)

    360-View Virtual Showrooms

    Building solutions with the latest 3D technologies that open up space for outstanding customer experience, we provide your potential clients with the ability to:

    • Visit a showroom in the privacy and comfort of their homes, with a laptop or mobile device;
    • Get a 360-degree view of a chosen car, both from the inside and outside;
    • Enjoy a guided tour with all the essentials highlighted;
    • Get acquainted with new or upcoming models of cars for pre-order.

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Data Management Based on eSIM

    Our mobile development team can assist you in the delivery of a personalized driving experience to your customers with native (iOS / Android) and cross-platform mobile apps that connect to cloud services to provide extra convenience in the use of car interfaces. What’s on offer?

    • Remote control of a climate system
    • Lightening control
    • Door locking / unlocking
    • Driving statistics

    Advanced Navigation System

    Enhance your car app with an advanced navigation system built on the leading maps SDKs, including Apple MapKit, Google Maps SDK, Mapbox Maps, etc. Taking advantage of CarPlay and Android Auto, we can integrate your native (iOS / Android) and cross-platform apps with the world’s leading mapping systems that ensure:

    • Smart navigation
    • Easy finding of parkings, gas stations, electric car charging stations
    • Traffic alerts, Route planning, etc.

    Digital Queue

    For clients willing to outperform their competitors with tech solutions their customers really want and need, we offer the development of an Uber-like app for car service providers that opens up space for:

    • Uber-like booking scheme of car services with price estimation
    • Access to the info on the nearest car services centers
    • Option for booking a service representative who’ll pick a car at the designated location
    • Option to book a service of bringing up the car after the service to the designated location
    • Ability to order a refuelling service while on the road

    Car-as-a-Service Solution

    Modern solution for car rents possible within the mobile app. Open up space for:

    • Access to the list of cars for rent via mobile
    • Understanding the costs
    • View of locations with the chosen model of cars for rent
    • In-app payments
    • Secure in-app document sharing
    • Access to the chosen car via phone
    • User statistics for discount programs

    Digital Contracting & Document Management

    Solution that shortens and simplifies car buying experience.

    • Your customer orders a car via web or mobile app, pointing out their location, so the car can arrive at the nearest spot.
    • After the purchase, the customer sees all details on the order (status, days and hours before the car arrives, etc.).
    • View of locations with the chosen model of cars for rent.
    • When the car is at the spot designated by the customer, automatic notification is sent via mobile app.
    • The customer gets to the car and opens it with a mobile app.
    • All the documents needed for car registration are inside. The customer fills them in and sends via the post to the designated authority.


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    We are proud to have earned a reputation of a reliable software development provider, which is supported by feedback received from our clients.

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