SAP Work Clearance Management (SAP WCM)

Ensure the safety of your maintenance engineers working in dangerous conditions with SAP WCM implemented by the LeverX team.

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Business Benefits of SAP WCM

SAP WCM offers numerous advantages for businesses, including but not limited to:

Promoted and safe completion of hazardous tasks.


Decreased maintenance expenses.


Augmented uptime of machines.


Reduced likelihood of safety breaches and related incidents.

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 SAP Work Clearance Management Capabilities

What are the capabilities of SAP WCM that benefit work safety maintenance within your enterprise?

  • The solution gives you full digital support for overseeing risky operations with the aid of permits and isolation processes.
  • It facilitates multiple authorization levels for work permits and contains pre-programmed lists, tags, and test tags within the isolation protocols.
  • It is natively connected with master data in the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) platform and the maintenance work order procedure.

How the Solution Works: SAP WCM Process Flow

SAP WCM ensures clear and transparent workflow, which typically occurs in the following order:

Process initiation

The maintenance planner initiates the repair process by generating a work order.


Application for a work permit

Since the job involves hazardous tasks, the technician designated to do the work obtains a Level 1 work permit, which includes the duration of validity. This document includes information regarding the maintenance job and requirements that must be met.


Approval of the work permit

The responsible individual drafts the permit and submits it for approval.


Isolation Plan (optional)

Depending on the project's complexity, an Isolation Plan may be appended to the permit and must be authorized.


Other safety measures (optional)

Once this step is finished, additional safety measures and protocols can be established.


Starting the work

The maintenance planner can begin the job upon issuing the approved work permit.


Finishing the work

The technician responsible for the task finishes their job and returns the work permit.


Process completion

Upon closure of the permit in the system, the original work order can be de-isolated and closed. This completes the process.



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