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SAP Spend Management

Get complete control over all sources of spend data and save more with SAP solutions.

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Spending Processes We Streamline



Significant savings due to comprehensive analyze-to-contract management that helps to mitigate supplier risks and make your sourcing decisions faster.

Supplier management

Supplier registration, qualification, and segmentation. Managing supplier relationships and lifecycle with real-time access to supplier information, including performance and risks.


Centralized storage for contracts and NDAs that allows you to get rid of paper documents and speed up contract cycles.


Automation of your company’s invoice processing and flow of error notifications.

Operational procurement

Due to end-to-end integration between SAP systems, buying process automation helps monitor requisition-to-receipt process flow, define, validate, and enrich catalog content.

Spend analysis

Complete visibility into your company’s expenses and suppliers to increase savings, mitigate risks, and improve compliance.

Quality collaboration

Real-time collaboration with certified suppliers to resolve quality issues faster.

Product sourcing

Tools for sourcing and commodity management departments to establish high-value sourcing agreements.

Forecast and scheduling

Providing all required tools for management of delivery schedule and planning and real-time collaboration on demand and stock data.

Intelligent Spend Management Solutions For Your Business Success

Use all the available SAP solutions to optimize your spending and increase the company’s efficiency.
Sourcing and Contracts
Supplier Management

Get your direct, indirect, and product sourcing under control, and manage contract cycles for cost optimization and savings. This solution stack offers all the tools for spend analysis, strategic sourcing, and supplier discovery.

  • Tender procedures
  • Registration of participant applications
  • Assessment and comparison
  • Analytical reporting
  • Risk reduction by a finding better supplier
  • Agreement on winner selection
  • Contract signing
  • Document approval flows
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sourcing and contracts
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Spend Management Solutions

To launch efficient spend management, you should digitize your buying processes, including sourcing, contracting, purchasing, invoicing, etc. The next step is to integrate them within a single, cloud-based platform.

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How LeverX Accelerates Your Success

LeverX is an SAP Ariba partner, and our team consists of certified SAP Ariba consultants. It doesn’t matter whether you need a separate Ariba module or solution package, we are ready to help you and join your project at any stage.
Our collaboration with SAP lasts over 20 years. Our experienced specialists have deep knowledge of the latest SAP technologies and solutions. We assist you with defining the right business scenario in a short time and to save your budget and time.


LeverX is an official member of SAP AppHaus Network. You can use the Design Thinking methodology to identify real needs and find extraordinary and efficient solutions. Moreover, we have our own Ariba private platform used as a sandbox where the LeverX team can configure any demo scenarios.


The LeverX implements, customizes, and integrates all SAP components into your IT infrastructure. Our experts also configure and further develop the system if required. Our team offers 100% involvement in your project at all phases, ranging from functional system modeling to system scaling.


LeverX provides go-live support, fixes outstanding issues, and helps your team to adapt to new solutions as soon as possible. It helps to reduce operational risks and get the most out of SAP implementation.