IT Solutions for Retail Industry

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Business-First Solutions

  • Full-cycle resource management
  • Transparent product life cycle
  • Cost-effective supply chain
  • Profitable procurement
  • Zero-waste LEAN manufacturing
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    Customer-First Solutions

  • Efficient customer relationship management
  • Seamless in-store experience
  • Better UX for the end user
  • Convenient booking and pay methods
  • A taste of innovation
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    OUR Software Solutions


    Streamline Your In-Store Production

    • ERP
    • Planning
    • Analyzing

    Assure Cost-Saving Procurement

    • Materials
    • Suppliers
    • Documents

    Provide Omnichannel Marketing

    • CRM
    • Advertising
    • Emails

    Amplify Your Supply Chain

    • WMS
    • TMS
    • Yard

    Manage Your Sales

    • Omnichannel
    • E-commerce
    • Analyzing

    Retain Talents

    • Loyalty
    • Operational
    • Learning

    Improve End Consumer Experience

    • Mobile Apps
    • Web Apps
    • Innovative Solutions

    Customer-Centric Merchandising

    • CRM
    • POS
    • Ecommerce platforms

    Our Proposal to Retail

    With access to the latest advances even before their official release, we ensure a front-row seat for our clients in receiving fully functional, proven solutions.

    Grocery Store Mobile App

    A custom app that allows getting all information about goods in store (price, manufacturer, distributor, composition, shelf life, promotions, etc.) via QR code scanning. This solution not only allows online payments but is also integrated with store loyalty programs/discount cards. Integrations with other retail systems used within the company ensure effective tracking of customer information, increasing their engagement and loyalty to the brand.

    AI for Personalized Shopping

    Development of this solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that allow for the delivery of advanced analytics on customer behavior. It contributes to the more personalized provision of services, whether the purchase takes place on the website or in stores. It means that you are reaching your customers with the correct message at the right time and place, thus increasing sales potential. Thanks to advanced analytics, you get an intimate understanding of changing consumer behaviors, wants, needs, and shopping patterns, as well as impacts of social, geographic, economic, and political factors.

    AR Shopping App

    We develop the mobile app for retail, enhanced with AR features that provide a realistic experience that allows the app users to enjoy smart and easy shopping. An ability to visualize and digitally examine an item without leaving a comfortable home reduces product return rates. Another objective was to retain customers and attract new buyers, which turned out to be a hot-button issue during the pandemic.


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