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SAP AI Core & AI Launchpad

Ensure smooth Business AI services development and seamless integration into SAP applications

How Do SAP AI Core and Launchpad Help Your Business?


Cost-efficient business AI services

Run AI services at scale without breaking the bank. SAP AI Core ensures you maintain privacy and compliance while optimizing performance and cost.

Rapid AI integration

Quickly embed AI into your SAP applications. SAP AI Launchpad accelerates the deployment process, reducing time to value for your AI initiatives.

Enhanced governance and compliance

Centralize and streamline machine learning lifecycle management. This ensures continuous monitoring and compliance with enterprise standards.

Robust security and compliance

Ensure data privacy, enforce consistent authorization, and maintain comprehensive monitoring, and get a secure, scalable infrastructure for all AI operations.

Performance optimization

Continuously improve the performance of business AI services. SAP AI Core and Launchpad provide tools to monitor and refine your AI business services for maximum efficiency.

Scalable AI solutions

Scale your AI services effortlessly as your business grows. SAP AI Core supports extensive scalability, ensuring your solutions can expand with your needs.

Seamless SAP integration

Achieve native integration with SAP applications. This ensures smooth interoperability and enhances the overall functionality of your business systems.

Peace of mind with managed deployments

Enjoy the reliability of fully SAP-managed AI deployments. Focus on your core business activities while SAP handles the complexities of AI implementation.

Accelerated business processes

Improve and accelerate your business processes with embedded AI. This leads to better decision-making and increased operational efficiency.

Explore, Create, and Manage Business AI Services With a Generative AI Hub Playground 

Make use of connections to various Large Language Models (LLMs) from the central Generative AI Hub, ensuring data privacy and the highest security standards.
Discover the possibilities and responses of different models with a single click. The playground provides a hands-on approach to understanding various LLMs, helping you make informed decisions.


Design prompts that meet your specific needs. Use the prompt engineering tools to craft precise AI queries that deliver the most relevant results for your business operations.


Oversee the lifecycle of your AI assets to ensure optimal usage in your applications. From creation to deployment and management, the Generative AI Hub Playground offers tools to keep your business AI services efficient and relevant.


Ease your way to business AI with LeverX and SAP AI Core and Launchpad!

Overview of SAP AI Launchpad and SAP AI Core (as the AI Runtime) 

SAP AI Core serves as the AI foundation for SAP BTP solutions. It complements SAP AI services tailored for specific tasks by enabling effective Gen AI and AI workload management, as depicted under "AI Services". By leveraging foundational models shown at the bottom, SAP AI Core integrates seamlessly with business data and context, enhancing overall AI operations.
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Key Features of SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad

Centralized business AI services management

Streamline the entire lifecycle of AI services, from development to deployment, in a unified platform with a user-friendly interface. This feature allows for efficient tracking and management of AI assets.

Scalable architecture

Leverage a scalable infrastructure to accommodate growing data and increasing AI model complexity. Seamlessly scale your AI initiatives without performance degradation.

Generative AI hub playground

Manage, create, and explore generative Large Language Models (LLMs) with the Generative AI Hub Playground, facilitating innovation and hands-on experimentation within a secure environment.

Automated model deployment

Automate the deployment of AI assets into production environments. Reduce manual intervention and minimize errors, accelerating the time-to-market for AI solutions.

Robust monitoring and logging

Gain comprehensive insights with advanced monitoring and logging capabilities. Track the performance of business AI services, detect anomalies, and ensure models operate as expected.

Flexible model training and retraining

Implement flexible and efficient model training and retraining processes. Use diverse data sets and training algorithms to continually improve model accuracy and relevance.

Seamless SAP application integration

Achieve native integration with SAP applications, ensuring smooth interoperability. Enhance your existing SAP workflows with AI-driven insights and automation.

Security and compliance management

Enforce stringent security measures and compliance protocols. Protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory adherence, and maintain high data privacy standards.

Comprehensive API support

Utilize various APIs to integrate with multiple data sources and third-party applications. This feature enhances the extensibility and versatility of your AI solutions.

Ready to Leverage AI Core & Launchpad? Here's How We Can Help

LeverX offers comprehensive SAP AI Core and Launchpad-related services to help businesses implement and optimize AI capabilities within their SAP ecosystems. Our expertise ensures seamless integration, robust management, and continuous improvement of business AI services.
SAP BTP AI applications
AI readiness
AI-based PoC (Proof of Concept) delivery
AI Solutions
End-to-end AI solution implementation
Go live and support

SAP BTP AI applications: implementation basics and discovery

Begin with a free 2-hour virtual workshop to explore capabilities, use cases, and best practices of SAP BTP AI Core & Launchpad. For a deeper dive, our Enterprise Evolution Center team offers a 1-day onsite workshop of hands-on use case discovery guided by our AI Engineers and SAP Consultants.

You can also rely on us to learn implementation basics and discovery in regards to other solutions within the BTP portfolio, whether it is SAP Integrations Suite, SAP Datasphere, SAP Build Code, or others.

Contact us to book a free service and discuss the details now!

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  • Continuous investment in innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies (Data Science, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain etc.)
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