Integrated Process Solution (IPS)

SAP add-on to simplify business processes via workflow enablement

Manage your business processes directly in SAP with the LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS)

Our tool makes it easy for you to build and use workflows in SAP

IPS allows business users to create and maintain business process workflows using a simple drag-n-drop, building-block process

Our workflow tool makes getting your business process into SAP easy. We use decision-based logic to guide your SAP objects through your business process. Instead of passing around spreadsheets, you can use IPS to get all your business process information into one centralized location. This provides real-time visibility into your business processes.

Deliver real business benefits

Meeting business requirements

Automate enterprise processes driven by defined business rules.

Quick workflow modification

Enable business users to define and modify workflows without IT support.

Flexible and adaptable tool

Deliver consistent results and quickly adapt your processes to meet changing needs.

Fast reaction to change

Provide real-time visibility to processes.

Capability highlights

  • Intuitive user interface simplifies use and training for business users
  • Supports many SAP objects and SAP user interfaces (SAP GUI, NWBC, Portal, Fiori, etc)
  • Intelligent selection of workflow and participants based on SAP object attributes
  • Decision-based actions drive workflows and support serial, parallel, and conditional paths
  • Model complex processes with drag-n-drop
  • Automate SAP system activities
  • Connect many different SAP objects into one business practice workflow
  • Ability to rework and send workflow back to an earlier phase of the process
  • Generate email notifications including generated PDF reports
  • Visual workflow clearly identifies process status, phase, and current agents
  • Escalation emails for overdue events
  • Comments and decision history easily accessible

Build SAP workflows based on template methodology and simple building blocks