SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Logistics

Integrate checkpoints, production, and external storage processes in the warehouse with general SAP strategy and advanced UI technology decisions in mind.

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On-the-go Access to Platform Features


IT regulatory compliance


Faster time-to-market


Sustainable approach


Efficient resource and time management


Storage location management & optimization


Mapping of all goods movements


Ensure the best possible usage of assets


User-friendly and customizable planning


Decreased risk of human errors

We deliver end-to-end process experience for dynamic and scaled environments

Complementary Solutions for SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Logistics 

We use the latest technologies for warehouse management to adapt custom software applications and meet your business needs. SAP EWM and SAP TM are directly integrated within S/4HANA. Because these modules use similar logistical processes in the warehouse, S/4HANA Manufacturing Logistics responds even more effectively to the varied needs of organizations and local authorities.

SAP Transportation Management

  • Embedded analytics for real-time performance visibility
  • Freight units creation
  • Improved costing and billing of orders

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

  • RF framework for loading and unloading
  • Warehouse management monitor
  • Integrated material flow control

Feature Scope Description for SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Logistics

We bring vast expertise to the core SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Logistics functions. The solution offers key features in the following areas:
Inbound Cargo Registration
Route Train

Inbound Cargo Registration

This module provides Route Train key features at the plant's checkpoint office with a unique and intuitive new application. ICR is key for the manufacturing industry handling high volumes of inbound cargo on high-scale production facilities, which allows for prequalification, data management, and routing of Inbound Cargo. This module increases the efficiency of goods receipt processes by pre-qualifying incoming cargo at the checkpoint.

  • Based on integration to Advanced Shipping and Receiving
  • Integration to SAP EWM, IM, STM
  • Option for hybrid deployments by unloading point
  • A streamlined User interface for Error handling

Industries We Serve

retail and wholesale
banking and finance
transportation and logisrics
industrial manufacturing
Oil & Gas

Our expertise

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Why LeverX Group

LeverX is a Certified SAP Partner and Preferred Service Provider

We have been in cooperation with SAP for more than 19 years. The accumulated expertise includes a full range of necessary services – from developing and implementing SAP solutions to replicating systems and maintaining and supporting them.

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You can entrust all project tasks to LeverX experts and be confident that they will be completed on time and with the highest standards.

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Hundreds of successful projects have helped us gather in-depth expertise working with the latest SAP technologies in various business areas.
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The way to success with LeverX Group

The six main steps you will take together with our SAP experts.
At this stage, we examine the customer's business objectives and requirements, determine the implementation strategy, suggest a high-level system architecture, and define a project implementation methodology. One of the main factors influencing the choice is the cost-effective delivery of a quality product in the shortest time.


The second phase is kick-off meetings with customer experts and approval of documentation, project plan, tracking, and reporting mechanisms. Together with the customer, we also define a project team and its roles/responsibilities.


We analyze the customers’ current business processes using the AS-IS model. Also, at this stage, a Fit / Gap analysis and a demonstration of a demo solution are carried out, and the final project scope (a TO-BE model) is agreed upon.


SAP solutions are customized, integrated into the customer infrastructure, and tested. If required, LeverX experts develop new functionality.


At this stage, the SAP system goes live (the “blackout” period). The data is transferred from legacy systems into the SAP production system We then test and validate roles/authorizations for all users and prepare a post-go-live support plan. Finally, end-users are trained.


After going live, we ensure ad-hoc support for the end-users and comprehensive after-implementation support. All of this facilitates collaboration, increases transparency and clarity, and minimizes risks and errors – thus improving the result.


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