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LeverX delivered the analytical, reporting, and planning powers of the SAP Yard Logistics system.

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The LeverX team participated in the implementation of a multi-dimensional sustainability SAP EHS solution for a chemical company that needed to manage and keep safety on different levels of its big factories worldwide.


An American railway company.


The customer wanted to ensure smoother transportation between automobile dealerships.


LeverX focused not only on implementing SAP Yard Logistics (SAP YL), but also on adapting the product to all the customer’s requirements. Also, the project required integration of SAP YL with the third-party systems and a set of mobile development tasks.

Project Scope

The project for the railway company went far beyond implementation issues. The dedicated team customized the SAP Yard Logistics solution according to the customer’s needs, integrated the product with external systems, and created co-tools to maximize the company’s internal processes.

SAP Project implementation covers:

  • Managing all movements of automobile transportation within the yard (compound);
  • Automating the processes of cargo inspection;
  • Visualizing compounds with the help of SAP Visual Business to display current automobile positioning.

Integrating SAP YL with third-party solutions to allow instant messages and trigger events. Making yard requests through ASN is now possible.

Key development milestones include:

  • A mobile app we created for the company’s compound crew using SAP Mobile Platform. The app runs on handheld devices and can operate offline while the crew is inspecting, yard checking, loading/unloading, and performing the other functions.
  • The backend for a Customer Station Portal that allows manufacturers and carriers to track the workload, watch the VIN’s status, and view all necessary data.
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TOP Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting Company 2023

SAP Implementation and Customization
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Our contribution and realization of all the customer’s requirements became the essential provision for a range of acquired business benefits.

Now the company has extensive analytical, reporting, planning, and document tracking systems.

Our customer gained an opportunity to develop their own micro reports based on the huge data volumes stored in SAP YL. This functionality opens the doors for tighter collaboration with partners and more advanced data management.

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