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Legacy software and system modernization services

According to GAO research, maintaining legacy systems and software can consume 60-80% of the IT budget. This expenditure often accompanies issues such as performance lags, security risks, non-compliance with regulatory standards, and the inability to integrate emerging technologies that drive technological and business growth.



Cost Savings

Achieve significant cost reductions by transitioning to more cost-effective cloud environments through rehosting, which maintains functionality while moving apps, and replatforming, which adapts apps to more efficient platforms. These strategies reduce reliance on costly on-premises hardware and decrease overall IT expenditures.

Improved Efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency by optimizing existing codebases and exposing business logic through modern APIs. Our strategic refactoring and encapsulation efforts streamline processes, reduce manual interventions, and facilitate smoother integrations.

Faster Time-to-Market

Shorten your product's time-to-market by adopting Agile methodologies and updating software and applications to cloud-native architectures. Our approach includes using microservices to enable continuous integration and delivery, accelerating the launch of new features and innovations.
Up to 60%

Enhanced Security

Fortify your cybersecurity with advanced protections implemented during the rearchitecting of your systems. By incorporating modern encryption standards and multi-factor authentication, we enhance your compliance with prevailing data protection regulations and substantially reduce vulnerabilities.
Up to 40%

Reduced Downtime

Minimize operational interruptions through our infrastructure modernization services, which include the deployment of fault-tolerant systems and proactive monitoring tools. These enhancements ensure higher system availability and reliability.

Elevated Customer Experience

Achieve significant cost reductions by transitioning to more cost-effective cloud environments through rehosting, which maintains functionality while moving apps, and replatforming, which adapts apps to more efficient platforms. These strategies reduce reliance on costly on-premises hardware and decrease overall IT expenditures.

Our legacy software modernization services

LeverX ensures your software is not only current but also optimized for future challenges, enabling your business to thrive in an evolving digital landscape.                                

Software audit and review

LeverX provides a comprehensive analysis of your existing software systems, pinpointing inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and issues of noncompliance. We benchmark performance against industry standards, assess potential risks, and conduct thorough cost analyses.


Code refactoring

We meticulously review and restructure existing code to eliminate redundancies, enhance readability, and reduce complexity. This not only simplifies modifications and reduces bugs but also improves software health without changing its functionality.

Re-engineering services

At LeverX, our engineers perform re-engineering services to transform legacy systems into modern, efficient platforms adaptable to current and future business needs. This may involve changes to support new technology stacks or to meet higher performance and security standards.

API utilization

LeverX provides API-driven services to transform legacy architectures into scalable microservices, enhancing flexibility. We create custom APIs to break down complex software into manageable, secure microservices, speeding up deployment and improving system robustness. 

IT infrastructure modernization

Witness a paradigm shift in performance, scalability, and security as we revamp your IT infrastructure. Leverage cutting-edge advancements, including cloud computing, virtualization, and software-defined networking, to launch your operations into the stratosphere of efficiency.

Application rationalization and modernization

Embrace the power of streamlined applications. Our experts fine-tune your software portfolio, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and user-centric design are in perfect harmony. Upgrade to cloud-based systems and microservices architectures to harness agility and maintain your competitive edge. 

Data migration and cleansing

We ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and secure, ready to drive business decisions. LeverX’s detailed mapping, cleansing of obsolete data, and robust validation processes prepare your data for advanced analytics and future needs.
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Performance optimization

LeverX optimizes the performance of legacy systems to ensure they operate efficiently under increased loads. This service is crucial for systems that need to maintain high performance as they scale.
Let us identify the key areas for enhancement in your IT systems to improve performance and efficiency

Choose the Right Modernization Path with LeverX

LeverX will guide you to the optimal modernization strategy by assessing your software’s complexity, risks, and potential impacts on your business.

Ideal for: Companies with stable, high-value legacy systems looking to extend functionality without disrupting underlying operations.    

Service provided: API development to enable new functionalities and easier integration with modern systems.


Ideal for: Businesses seeking cost reductions and improved infrastructure without altering application functionality.                       

Service provided: Seamless migration of applications to more scalable and secure cloud environments.


Ideal for: Organizations needing minor code adjustments to leverage better performance and cloud capabilities.   

Service provided: Optimization of existing applications to new platforms with minimal changes, enhancing performance and reducing costs.


Ideal for: Enterprises requiring significant improvements in application structure for agility and cloud compatibility.

Service provided: Comprehensive code restructuring and optimization to improve maintainability and cloud readiness. 


Ideal for: Companies facing the need to transform their entire system architecture to meet evolving business demands and incorporate new technologies.

Service provided: Complete overhaul of system architecture to enable new functionalities and integration of cutting-edge technologies.


Ideal for: Businesses whose existing systems no longer meet business or regulatory requirements and need a total redesign.

Service provided: Rebuilding software from the ground up to be cloud-native and fully aligned with current business needs.


Ideal for: Organizations where existing solutions are too costly to maintain or upgrade and a fresh start is more feasible.                            

Service provided: Custom development of new solutions designed to completely replace outdated systems with scalable, efficient, and modern software.

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