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SAP Implementation Process in a Nutshell


LeverX As a Trusted SAP Implementation Partner

If a productive work environment, scalable infrastructure, transparent business processes, and security are among your priorities, SAP software is a right strategic decision.

Our team of SAP implementation consultants and their SAP implementation experience will contribute to streamlining your business processes and creating a safe and extendable infrastructure. Provided that a sound SAP implementation strategy is chosen, your business does better.


Greenfield vs Brownfield

LeverX introduces different options on how to implement SAP. Depending on whether a customer already has SAP or not, we provide two different implementation scenarios, greenfield and brownfield.

Greenfield stands for the from-scratch implementation. When clients are unfamiliar to SAP, we are responsible for the implementation and customization of a new SAP landscape.

A brownfield type of SAP implementation works fine when the customer's existing SAP landscape needs updates or transformations.

After the thorough examination of the customer's business processes and infrastructure, LeverX suggests an optimal SAP implementation plan — sometimes, it turns out to be more rational to choose greenfield even if SAP products are already involved in business.


Successful SAP Implementation: We'll Help You Define the Project Scope

Another important thing to consider in terms of the SAP implementation process is finding an efficient, cost-effective, and competitive option for each particular case. Before creating a detailed implementation roadmap, we assess which SAP modules you really need.

Our team can guide you either through the implementation of individual SAP solutions, including SAP Ariba implementation, SAP TM implementation, SAP IBP implementation, and other SAP products that cover your business needs, or through the broad SAP S/4HANA implementation.

Advantages of SAP Implementation

Why do companies implement SAP software? Here are some benefits of SAP implementation:

Improved Business Efficiency

SAP introduces advanced ways to collect huge amounts of data and efficiently fill databases. Thus, using real-time and valid information, businesses reduce administrative and operating expenses.

Scalability and Customization

Businesses are dynamic, so at the initial stage, customers can do basic implementation and then scale up their business. SAP solutions favor flexibility and can be easily adapted to customer's needs.

Advanced Reporting

SAP reporting tools simplify the preparation of comprehensive reports. So customers can extract, aggregate, and analyze info from various sources to make more informed decisions and accurate predictions.

Performance Improvements

SAP automates repetitive tasks, which saves time, enhances productivity, and minimizes errors.

Enhanced Security

SAP solutions keep all company's data safe, while enabling their accuracy. Also, they allow assigning and restricting the usage of data for either individuals or groups of people for enhanced data security.

The businesses that have already implemented SAP in their industries are experiencing a positive turnaround.

SAP Implementation Costs

It's challenging to announce a fixed price for SAP system implementation, as the costs always vary depending on a number of interrelated factors. Among them are:

  • Type of licensing
  • Type of deployment (cloud or on-premise)
  • Type and complexity of a company's business
  • Number of users and size of the company
  • Score of functional requirements
  • Amount of data conversion
  • Volumes of customer-specific requirements (additional customization)

Although SAP software generally requires significant financial investments, our experts are targeted at providing cost-effective and customer-driven services.

Contact our experts to get the costs calculated specifically for your project.

Which SAP Implementation Methodology Does LeverX Use?

LeverX uses the SAP Activate and ASAP (Accelerated SAP) and implementation methodologies to speed up the development and implementation of SAP.

ASAP has been designed for on-premise implementations, while the SAP Activate Methodology is a mix of the best SAP practices and configuration tools to streamline the SAP implementation and migration, either on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

Pre-built, tested solutions and a choice of deployments let customers choose SAP Activate as the optimal SAP implementation approach.

SAP Activate simplifies the entire process by dividing a project into 6 separate SAP implementation phases.



LeverX examines customer's business objectives and requirements, determines the implementation strategy in alignment with the solution's capabilities, suggests a high-level system architecture, and defines the project implementation methodology to deliver a quality product in the shortest time possible.



We finalize a project plan and goals with a high-level scope, establish a project structure, management, tracking, and reporting mechanisms, assign a project team and their roles/responsibilities, and conduct kick-off and onboarding sessions with the customer experts.



The LeverX project team reviews customer's current business processes (an “AS-IS” model) to verify that their business requirements can be satisfied within the solution and project scope. We also show the solution's demo and run a Fit/Gap analysis to validate the final project scope (a “TO-BE” model).



We customize and integrate SAP products into the customer's local IT infrastructure, realize data migration and integration processes, develop new functionality (if required), and test a new system to check the accuracy of business processes and eliminate bottlenecks. A cutover plan is prepared.



The LeverX project team conducts cutover activities and data transfer from legacy systems into the SAP production system, tests and validates roles/authorizations for all users. End users are trained in their working areas, SAP goes live (the “blackout” period), and a post-go-live support plan is prepared.



The LeverX team provides go-live support (hypercare) to the customer, fixes outstanding issues, completes integration with the SAP Solution Manager for operations, monitoring, and support, helps the users/support team adapt to the new software, and hands over all relevant documents to the customer.

We are flexible in terms of using the implementation methodology.

Depending on the project requirements, specific business processes, and customer's vision, LeverX is ready to modify standard SAP methodologies/SAP implementation steps and carefully select the best practices for each particular case.

Why Choose LeverX As an SAP Implementation Partner?


LeverX is a certified SAP Service Partner and a Preferred Vendor

Over 16 years of close collaboration with SAP

800+ highly skilled professionals

Deep knowledge of the latest SAP technologies and solutions

Diverse expertise in different industries and business domains

More than 550 successfully delivered projects across a number of industries

Our SAP Implementation Success Stories

LeverX has implemented SAP solutions for representatives of different industries. Among our customers are enterprises from the Banking and Finance, Transportation and Logistics, Automotive, Manufacturing, and other sectors.

SAP software meets a great deal of business objectives, including creating transparency of all business processes, improving labor conditions, enhancing workforce productivity, and mitigating risks.

The new SAP infrastructure implementation for a wholesale distributor

This time our customer was a large (6000 employees) wholesaler specializing in fast-moving consumer goods, such as tobacco products, lighters, and snacks. The old solution the company used required constant monitoring and support from their IT team. As a result of having to allocate significant resources to this support, IT was buried in day-to-day routine and could not put much effort into the major strategic goals of the company.

LeverX developed and implemented a comprehensive solution that helped the company streamline its business processes. The new SAP infrastructure is a closely integrated system that improved:

  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Material management
  • Sales and distribution
  • Warehouse management activities

SAP implementation for a global sportswear company

The company decided to implement SAP to manage all their business processes, including sales, distribution, order fulfillment, financial accounting, management, and purchasing.

With multiple facilities around the world, it was vital to standardize production and distribution among them all. During the implementation, we took into account the specifics of the textile industry:

  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Quick collections turnover
  • Multiple distribution channels
  • Special customer treatment policy The company can now easily manage all the different hierarchies and characteristics of their product selection with the SAP module that supports size, color, and style.

SAP TM solution implementation for a major chemicals manufacturer

The manufacturer's niche specialty experienced an influx of new, smaller and more specialized players that started to challenge the status quo in the market. To secure its market share, the company implemented an adaptive strategy. Accordingly, a shift from large-scale, bundled offers of products and services needed to be made.

As part of a cost-optimization strategy, the manufacturer built a comprehensive SAP infrastructure. One of their challenges was finding an effective logistics solution integrator.

This industry giant needed to optimize transportation management for 50 plants and 3000 shipping points; a task that required a scalable and reliable solution.

After the adoption of SAP Transportation Management 7.0, the customer was able to implement:

  • Effective logistics cost management
  • Automated calculations for complex costs
  • Accounts preparation and verification