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SAP BTP Process Automation

Streamline your business operations with SAP Enterprise Automation, leveraging the power of SAP Build and other integrated solutions to unlock enhanced efficiency and productivity while driving impactful business outcomes.

How it Works: Automating Key Business Processes

Want to know how your business can benefit from SAP Enterprise Process Automation products? Here’s a taste of what you can get:
  • Streamline capital expenditure approvals and invoice processing.
  • Facilitate account opening procedures to expedite revenue generation.


  • Automate relocation approvals and visa permit processing.
  • Enable HR self-services for seamless employee management.
  • Streamline contingent worker management.


  • Automate updates to master data records.
  • Efficiently manage document approvals.
  • Streamline lead-generation workflows.


  • Automate the return-order process and incident management.
  • Facilitate procurement data collection for smoother purchasing procedures.



  • Save time: 60% of workers can save 6+ hours/week.
  • Streamline repetitive tasks: 40% of workers spend 25% of their work week on repetitive tasks.
  • No need for coding: suitable for non-tech users.
  • Predefined content and flows: Easy integration with existing SAP and non-SAP solutions.
  • Integration with AI capabilities: Automate workflow and use AI for optimization

8 Business Benefits of SAP Build Process Automation

SAP Build Process Automation enables swift adjustment, operational adaptability, and exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Intuitive interface

Quickly create forms-based workflows, boosting productivity.

Repetitive operations automation

Facilitate swift adjustments and exceptional experiences for employees and customers alike.

Simplified decision-making

Develop and manage decision logic effortlessly, ensuring accurate outcomes.

Enhanced efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks seamlessly within existing processes, saving time and effort.

Advanced document handling

Utilize AI capabilities to extract and transfer information from documents efficiently.

Unified task management

Work efficiently from a single launchpad and task center, improving productivity.

Seamless collaboration

Foster collaboration between business users and developers, facilitating workflow creation and consumption.

Transparent performance insights

Gain full transparency into process performance through intuitive dashboards, enabling informed decision-making.
Discover the potential for automating business processes in your enterprise.
SAP Build Process Automation Features
SAP Build Process Automation integrates the standout features of its predecessors, Workflow Management, and Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, into one comprehensive solution. As a key component of the SAP Enterprise Automation Portfolio, it joins forces with SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone, and SAP Build Code for advanced scenarios, providing everything necessary for visual building, seamless integration, and secure collaboration across processes.

SAP Build Process Automation Architecture

The solution's architecture seamlessly integrates with both SAP solutions and third-party offerings. Within the SAP ecosystem, it connects with SAP Build Apps, SAP Signavio, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Integration Suite, and other cloud ERP offerings including S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, etc. These interconnected capabilities unlock extensive opportunities, enriching the solution's versatility and facilitating seamless collaboration across various platforms.



  • Processes and workflows
    Seamlessly design and automate intricate workflows to optimize operations and drive efficiency across your organization.
  • Forms and multistep approvals
    Initiate processes effortlessly with customizable forms that serve as triggers, while also enabling multistep approval processes for enhanced control and compliance.
  • Task automation
    Leverage robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities to automate tasks across diverse platforms and applications, including email, office suites, SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, SuccessFactors, and Fiori applications, empowering streamlined operations.
  • Business rules and decisions
    Establish sophisticated decision-making frameworks with dynamic branching capabilities, enabling the creation of complex decision paths tailored to your business needs.
  • Prebuilt content
    Access a rich repository of prebuilt content tailored to various industries and use cases, accelerating the deployment of automation initiatives and ensuring rapid time-to-value.
  • Process visibility
    Gain real-time insights into process status and performance, empowering informed decision-making and proactive management of workflows.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Utilize advanced AI capabilities to create documents, summarize texts, perform autoreplies, as well as extract, analyze, and interpret information from documents. In this way, you are enhancing document-centric processes such as invoice processing, contract management, and compliance verification with accuracy and efficiency.

SAP Build Process Automation Roadmap

At LeverX, we guide you through every step of the journey to maximize the benefits of SAP Build Process Automation:

Process design and execution

Collaborate with LeverX to define and design automated workflows tailored to your unique business processes. Our expert team ensures seamless execution and alignment with your organizational goals.


Process UI and forms

Unlock the power of SAP Build Process Automation with intuitive user interfaces and customizable forms crafted by LeverX. Simplify process initiation and enable efficient data collection at every stage of your workflow.


Integration and automation

Integrate SAP Build Process Automation seamlessly with your existing systems and applications. LeverX leverages robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities to automate tasks across diverse platforms, streamlining end-to-end processes for enhanced efficiency. We also use SAP Integration Suite or custom-built integrations to connect all components and systems within your organization.


Process visibility and monitoring

Gain real-time insights into your processes with robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms implemented by LeverX. Our team knows how to implement the flows to provide you with visibility into process status and performance metrics, empowering informed decision-making and proactive management.


Intelligent services for process automation

Elevate your process automation with LeverX's advanced AI capabilities. It will enable the extraction, analysis, and interpretation of information from documents with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, enhancing overall automation effectiveness.


Project lifecycle and governance

Navigate the implementation of SAP Build Process Automation with confidence, guided by LeverX's expertise in project lifecycle management and governance. From planning to execution and post-implementation phases, we ensure your project's success and maximize ROI.


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Why Choose LeverX as Your SAP Enterprise Process Automation Partner?

200+ successful projects in the BTP area

With extensive experience in BTP solutions spanning back to 2015, we possess an in-depth understanding of diverse business requirements, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that effectively address the unique needs of any organization.

Deep expertise

Drawing upon our extensive history of collaboration with SAP Product teams, we proudly stand as early adopters of the cutting-edge technologies integrated within platform offerings.

Swift project initiation

Embracing a startup mindset, LeverX facilitates the rapid exploration of crucial use cases, initiating discovery, fast prototyping, and initial Proof of Concepts (POCs) within tight timeframes.

Efficient expert onboarding

Unlike larger counterparts, LeverX expedites the onboarding of necessary experts without significant delays, ensuring a seamless integration into ongoing projects.

Comprehensive end-to-end support

Our proficiency extends from conceptualizing projects ("idea on napkin" stage) to the go-live phase. LeverX remains committed to ongoing support and adaptation for new clients and users.

Provider of excellence in SAP technology

LeverX's in-depth knowledge of standards, best practices, and approaches in SAP Standard and Core development positions us as a reliable provider within the SAP technology landscape.

Strategic SAP supplier

As an SAP strategic supplier, we are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging our inside knowledge to develop cutting-edge SAP BTP services and tools.

Case Studies

4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform-min

Streamlining Clinical Supplies with Intelligent Management

LeverX empowered a global healthcare leader to optimize clinical supplies management with SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP. The Intelligent Clinical Supply Management (ICSM) solution reduced implementation costs by 50%, cut lead time by 10-15%, and decreased running costs by 30-40%. By shortening clinical trial cycles up to 10%, the client gained unparalleled agility, automation, and precise inventory control, significantly improving trial efficiency.

HR Module Fiorization-min

Revolutionizing Strategy Management with Cloud-Based Solution

LeverX collaborated with Cipher BSC to revolutionize strategic management through a cloud-based solution. Published on the SAP Store, this software minimized compliance and risk management costs by 5-50%. By bridging the gap between strategy and execution, the solution empowered organizations to define and track performance metrics, access real-time KPIs, and enhance decision-making. Across diverse sectors, including Agriculture and Energy, businesses achieved improved efficiency in strategic planning and execution.

4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform-min (3)

Enhancing Regulatory Compliance in Pharmaceutical Product Development

Leading European pharmaceutical companies partnered with LeverX to streamline regulatory compliance with the SAP Batch Release Hub (BRH) solution. Implementation resulted in 10-20% lower non-compliance risk, 5-50% shorter order fulfillment lead time, and 1-25% lower inventory carrying costs. By addressing siloed data and manual processes, LeverX optimized batch release processes, ensuring efficient and compliant delivery of medicinal products. The BRH solution significantly reduced regulatory risks and enhanced the end-to-end product development lifecycle.

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