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Address the Challenges Related to the Use of CAD-Desktop (CDESK) and SAP ECTR

Manual maintenance of an audit trail

Regulatory compliance requires engineers to manually maintain an audit trail.

Impossibility of version replacement

It is difficult to support manufacturing changes on released designs.

Limitations for CAD design

Mass product design updates are not possible in CAD design.

Manual update of the product design versions

Engineers have to manually update product design versions.

The need for CAD application

Required to complete the design versioning process.

How LeverX Design Accelerator Boosts Processes

Quickly replace older versions with newer versions of product designs.
Perform updates in the background, without the need for CAD applications.
Use Change Numbers for regulatory compliance requirements.
Easily change the released CAD structure with newer revisions.
Take advantage of “where-used” capabilities for mass version updates.
Promptly update the document structure for Bill of Material generation requirement.
Access all changes organized in a project folder.
Utilize global mass replacement for any document.
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Streamline Mass Component Replacement with LeverX Design Accelerator

What Benefits Does LeverX Design Accelerator Bring to Business?


Intuitive and user-friendly application that quickly replaces product design versions.


Flexibility in mass component updates to product designs for engineers and support staff.


Compliance with regulatory requirements.


Reduced reliance on CAD applications for maintenance.


Accelerated time to market.


Innovation-focused solution.

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