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Solutions for Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Our team specializes in providing unparalleled SAP support and implementation of solutions for the Life Science & Pharmaceutical industry.

Revolutionize your Life Science & Pharma Operations with SAP

Make data-driven decisions with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to enhance your research and development processes. By using SAP solutions, you can drive innovation and optimize resource allocation, making a real difference to your business.

Why Life Science & Pharmaceutical Companies Rely On SAP Solutions

Life Science and Pharmaceutical companies rely on SAP solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize operations, leverage data insights, enhance collaboration, and achieve sustainable growth in an industry that demands precision, efficiency, and innovation.
Achieve heightened transparency by factoring actual enrollment and dispensing into Clinical Supplies replenishment planning.
Streamline and computerize trial supply chain procedures to ensure 100% sufficient stock and reduced surpluses.
For greater collaboration, establish connections between all clinical supply stakeholders, from suppliers to LS companies, 3PLs, and clinical sites.
Facilitate swift and flexible adaptation to future trends and new trial designs with higher flexibility.
Adopt existing customers' S/4 instances and cutting-edge software design and delivery strategies for a lower total cost of ownership.
Improve regulatory compliance and adherence to industry standards by leveraging the robust validation capabilities offered by SAP solutions for Pharma.
Unlock innovation and precision in Life Science and Pharmaceuticals with tailored SAP solutions.

We Offer Software Solutions Covering Various Pharma Needs

Research & Development
Logistics & Serialization
Human Resources


  • Advanced Available to Promise (ATTP) addresses any requests concerning order fulfillment in Sales and Production Planning.
  • IBP for Demand merges automated and manual planning activities to facilitate better demand forecasting.
  • Trade Management optimizes sales budgeting and planning.
  • Sales Cloud facilitates the effective management of customer relationships.
  • Marketing Cloud enables personalized marketing management.
  • Commerce Cloud serves as a holistic eCommerce platform.
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Why Choose LeverX as Your SAP Implementation Provider?

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How to Succeed With LeverX in Life Science & Pharma

Observe six main steps when working with our SAP experts in Life Science & Pharma.
Develop an implementation strategy based on the customer's business requirements and solution capabilities.


Finalize project plans and goals. We determine a project structure, management, tracking, and reporting mechanisms with the customer. At this stage, roles and responsibilities in the project team are defined.


Verify that the solution and project scope meet the customer's business requirements.


Customize and integrate SAP components into the customer's IT infrastructure. Our experts configure and further develop the system if required.


Transfer data from legacy systems into the SAP production system. This also includes testing and validating roles/authorizations for all users.


Run the solution with the provision of go-live support, fixes, and monitoring to perfectly adapt the new software to your business processes.


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