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SAP Fiori

Some traditional SAP applications can seem complicated, making it challenging for users to perform their daily tasks. With SAP Fiori, their daily workflows might be simplified and become more user-friendly.

Our SAP Fiori development services

At LeverX, we use cutting-edge industry technologies, platforms, and tools. We combine our hands-on expertise in delivering software for pivot and agile startups with strong tech and business acumen in building SAP-powered business processes and solutions for large enterprises. As early adopters of SAP Fiori, we adhere to proven SAP development practices and stay current with the latest updates. Furthermore, we are an SAP strategic supplier that collaborates with SAP to develop Fiori apps for SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions.

SAP Fiori App Development

With a thorough understanding of SAP software from the inside, we ensure that the best practices and approaches recommended by SAP are applied when developing custom Fiori apps. As pioneers in SAP Fiori development, we use various techniques in customers' projects to ensure quality and adherence to Fiori Guidelines. This allows us to deliver a seamless user experience between standard SAP Fiori applications and those developed by LeverX.


As SAP’s strategic supplier and trusted partner for over 20 years, we perform a comprehensive restructuring process called ‘fiorization’, to create a customizable customer experience following Fiori design principles. As a member of SAP AppHaus, we are authorized and skilled in conducting design thinking workshops to determine the most effective way to implement fiorization for processes or apps within an organization.

Support Services

Our team is ready to solve any unexpected issues that may arise at the fiorization and/or maintenance stages. We provide turnkey services, from analyzing the current situation and customers’ wishes to post-release support of the implemented SAP Fiori solution.

SAP Fiori Workshops

We value transparency and firmly believe that the user is the most crucial part of any process. That's why we always listen to the people who will be using our software. To ensure effective collaboration between business users and the LeverX team, we conduct workshops to gather user requirements and demonstrate the power of Fiori.

What kinds of SAP Fiori apps we develop

We specialize in developing a variety of SAP Fiori applications tailored to meet specific business needs and unique user requirements. Our applications are designed to optimize business processes, improve decision-making, and provide in-depth analysis of critical business assets.
Transactional Apps
Analytical Apps
Fact Sheet Apps

Transactional Apps

Transactional Fiori applications enable users to perform routine tasks such as creating, reading, updating, and deleting records. Examples include creating a sales order, approving a purchase order, entering a timesheet, etc.

These applications can be generated using Fiori elements that leverage the power of OData services metadata and CDS annotations to reduce coding for the UI part. For greater flexibility to meet customer-specific needs and design expectations, the SAPUI5 freestyle approach can be used, providing complete freedom from the UX perspective.


Our hands-on expertise with SAP Fiori

LeverX IPS Fiori Apps-min

LeverX IPS Enhancement

LeverX IPS is a workflow add-on that enhances the standard SAP functionality by allowing businesses to build, modify, and deploy various workflows in SAP. In the first stage of IPS implementation, we integrated IPS Workflow into SAP S/4HANA Change Record. Next, we decided to improve LeverX IPS with SAP Fiori. For this purpose, we added a new feature — IPS Ticket Dashboard — built with SAP Fiori. Thanks to this feature, users can efficiently monitor tasks in real-time and identify areas in the current business process that can be improved. Meanwhile, SAP Fiori allowed them to broaden their reporting capabilities with custom cards and report generation possibilities.

Migrating the functionality of various systems to SAP-min

Fiorization of the Risk Assessment Process

The client needed a solution to enable precise forecasts of future market prices based on the current data. They chose SAP as a software provider. LeverX, an SAP Gold Partner, was responsible for the seamless software integration and fiorization of the client’s risk assessment processes. Our team conducted several design thinking workshops with SAP and the client to identify the client’s business needs. As a result of these sessions, we applied the Fiori design concept to existing business processes. We delivered several Fiori applications that allowed the client to identify opportunities and risks and proactively respond to them.

HR Module Fiorization (1)-min

HR Module Fiorization

Because the client’s company was growing, it reached a point that the standard SAP GUI could no longer meet their employee onboarding needs. The process of training new employees took an unacceptable amount of time. It was necessary to optimize processes and reduce training costs. LeverX undertook this task and successfully implemented new role-based HR software with an adaptive interface design. We developed a set of Fiori apps that made onboarding workflows faster, more intuitive, and more productive. With these, the company’s HR department reduced its manual transaction and administration efforts.

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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest version of SAP Fiori

We started with Fiori in its earliest days. Staying in line with Fiori’s latest trends and updates, we have reviewed all its innovations up to the present day.

SAP Fiori 1.0




  • Monolithic transactions are broken down by role-based applications focused on specific tasks. 
  • Consistent, responsive user experience across all devices and platforms.
  • Modern transaction patterns inspired by the actual mobile UI trends.  
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SAP Fiori 2.0




  • Complex enterprise scenarios got simpler as SAP implemented a role-based, task-specific design approach to those and native mobile applications.
  • SAP introduced new scalable floor plans and patterns (with embedded analytics, alerts, search, and better navigation possibilities) to improve user experience and productivity with SAP Fiori.
  • Machine intelligence and conversational interaction features were added.
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SAP Fiori 3

  • Providing consistency across all SAP applications. 
  • A new Quartz theme was introduced. 
  • A new aligned shell bar was added to all SAP applications.
  • Flexible configuration of home pages. 
  • New machine learning features, (with a focus on a human-centric approach) were added.
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your business benefits with sap fiori 


Cross-platform compatibility

Enjoy your experience with SAP Fiori on any device, wherever you are! SAP Fiori is optimized to perform both as a native mobile and responsive web application and is adjustable to any screen size and orientation.

Adjusted for business

Effectively perform the main business functions, such as information research, task distribution, workflow arrangement, and others, with intuitive interfaces that make even complex operations (reporting, analytics, etc.) easy.

Easy to learn and master

Work with any app like a pro, as all SAP Fiori-based applications have a similar structure (including settings, location, filters, operation logic, layout, structure, behavior, etc.). You will be able to quickly and easily understand each application.

Seamless workflows

Instantly access the information you need and perform daily tasks much faster and easier than before with intuitive user interfaces that are always accessible thanks to mobile device support. These simplify data input and maintenance procedures, freeing your time for more important tasks.

Increased productivity

Jump in to SAP Fiori ASAP and pick up where you left off anytime with SAP Fiori Launchpad. It serves as Fiori’s single entry point through which you can quickly access relevant content (tasks, applications, etc.) wherever you are.

Clean core principles support

Are you currently transitioning to the cloud and leveraging SAP BTP, or are you still in the planning stages? SAP Fiori Apps is an excellent solution for migrating existing extensions or planned builds away from the core. They can be seamlessly deployed on SAP BTP, guaranteeing the same user experience as standard S/4HANA or ECC Fiori apps.

Our approach to SAP Fiori development 

We achieve consistency in UI/UX by adhering to SAP Fiori Guidelines. As a member of SAP AppHaus, we conduct themed design thinking workshops and always receive positive feedback from our users as we listen to their needs.


Our team explores your business case, identifying challenges and innovation opportunities. Based on this research, we prioritize features for the development roadmap.



We interview customers onsite and observe them at work to gain a better understanding of their daily work and the challenges they face. We firmly believe that the closer we get to business users, the better software we can provide. 



At the delivery stage, we may change some design aspects based on ongoing user feedback or to optimize the app. Before deployment, we ensure the final implementation and design will deliver the user experience to the target audience as planned. 



As part of our continuous research process, we collect feedback from users to see if the Fiori application delivered makes their work easier. If any ‘stumbling blocks’ affect their seamless user experience, we consider implementing UI changes or adding new functions. By performing post-release maintenance, we achieve a seamless experience with expected workflows and user interfaces and continue fine-tuning the application, keeping it in line with the latest Fiori design standards.


SAP Fiori design languages 



Key features of SAP Fiori

Responsive design

  • Run applications on any screen dimension and orientation
  • Access data from anywhere, on any device and environment (web, mobile, or PWA)
  • Enjoy the same user experience wherever you use SAP Fiori

Role-based access

  • Protect your data against unauthorized access
  • Provide data access levels based on the user role
  • Create unique user roles with individual permissions

Simple to use

  • Master SAP Fiori quickly with reusable components
  • Efficiently perform complex tasks via intuitive user workflows
  • Handle multiple tasks at once by working from a single launchpad

Better user experience

  • Navigate tools and apps without any complexities or obstructions
  • Complete tasks quickly, thanks to intuitive menus and thumbnails
  • Stay productive with simplified operations and quick data access
  • Centralize all actions in one place to ensure high performance
  • Reduce operational costs with core elements shared across Fiori applications

Fiori Notifications

  • Instantly access notifications as they automatically appear in the Notification Center viewport
  • Configure notifications to be shown individually or grouped by type
  • Manage notifications by setting their priority and providing quick actions (approve, reject, confirm, etc.)

Fiori Personalization

  • Adjust multiple parameters, such as groups, tiles, date and time, language, appearance, and more, on Fiori Launchpad
  • Set individual selection filters for different application types
  • Manage columns by setting their order, sorting, grouping, and filtering logic across tables
  • Select a chart view that meets your analytical goals by choosing from 20 chart view types available
  • Handle cards on the go via the ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality

Additional SAP services we offer 

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