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Girteka's HR Digital Transformation Journey with SAP SuccessFactors

Girteka has firmly established itself as a pioneering transportation and logistics company driven by visionary leadership and a robust workforce of over 23,000 committed professionals.

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Girteka has firmly established itself as a pioneering transportation and logistics company driven by visionary leadership and a robust workforce of over 23,000 committed professionals.

With a deliberate focus on reshaping human resources processes, Girteka embarked on a profound journey toward Digital Transformation powered by SAP SuccessFactors. The strategic collaboration between Girteka, SAP, and LeverX has redefined personnel management and catalyzed a comprehensive shift in operational paradigms. Automation, the cornerstone of this endeavor, has not only streamlined processes in people management but has also empowered the augmentation of data analytics and time management. It allowed Europe’s largest full truckload (FTL) company to take another important step into the era of sustainable and digital logistics and to efficiently utilize business data. This initiative, unparalleled in Europe, began as a modest endeavor and has grown into a sweeping company-wide transformation, establishing Girteka as an agile industry frontrunner, perfectly poised for the future.

Who Is Girteka? Unveiling the Force Behind the Name


Girteka Group, headquartered in the vibrant city of Vilnius, Lithuania, stands as an unrivaled titan within the European transportation landscape. With a legacy steeped in determination and innovation, the company's trajectory began in 1996 when a 24-year-old visionary, Mindaugas Raila, acquired a single used truck and trailer. From this modest inception, Girteka Group burgeoned into an industry juggernaut, commanding a fleet of over 9,200 fully-owned trucks and 9,800 trailers that traverse the thoroughfares of Europe with precision and purpose.

At the heart of Girteka's success is an unwavering commitment to excellence, agile processes and an empowered workforce that exceeds 23,000 passionate employees. This dynamic ensemble propels the company to deliver an astounding 776,000 full truckloads (FTLs) annually across the European and Scandinavian regions.

As the flagship of Europe's transportation realm, Girteka Group doesn't merely drive shipments—it drives change. Beyond its impressive fleet and operational prowess, Girteka aspires to set new benchmarks in management culture, corporate transparency, and sustainable growth. It's not just about the cargo it carries; it's about the transformative journey the company has embarked upon, redefining what it means to be a leader in the modern world of transportation.

About Girteka Company

  • Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Founded: 1996
  • Founder: Mindaugas Raila
  • Workforce: 23,000+ employees
  • Fleet: 9,200+ fully-owned trucks
  • Trailers: 9,800+ trailers
  • Annual FTL Deliveries: 776,000+
  • Operational Regions: Europe and Scandinavia
  • Vision: Redefining Logistics with Innovation
  • Core Values: Excellence, Empowerment, Sustainability
  • Impact: Shaping the Future of Transportation

Building the Foundation: Girteka's Pursuit of Operational Excellence

In light of Girteka's rapid trajectory of growth, the organization assumed an augmented responsibility towards its expanding workforce. This surge acted as a catalyst, sparking an earnest exploration for avenues to amplify employee experiences and deliver paramount value. As a result, the organization looked within and made a big step toward achieving sustainable development by assessing its operations.

With more tasks, geographical expansion, and increasing complexities, the idea of automation became critical. The absence of streamlined automation led to requirements for additional personnel, highlighting the need for efficiency. Repetitive but ineffective tasks lowered overall efficiency and caused tension among colleagues.

In tandem with the unyielding expansion of Girteka's business horizons and geographic outreach, there was a clear need for a better-integrated personnel management system.

As the competitive landscape for talent acquisition grew fierce and employee expectations evolved, it became imperative to furnish modern tools for attracting and retaining top talent.

Against this backdrop, Girteka found itself compelled to address these multifaceted challenges. Doing so was crucial for navigating the intricate terrain of mounting operational complexities, fostering an environment conducive to productivity, and fully harnessing the latent potential of their workforce.

In pursuit of solutions, Girteka embarked on a search for an integrator that could seamlessly bridge the gap between its challenges and their resolutions. However, this search was not without its share of challenges, and finding the right partner proved to be a task in itself.

Charting transformation: business analysis in Girteka's journey

At this juncture, LeverX entered the scene, offering not just solutions but a strategic partnership that would prove transformative. LeverX proposed commencing the collaboration with meticulous business analysis, a phase that laid the foundation for the journey ahead. This phase, known as "Analyze," would serve as the starting point, guiding the subsequent development and delivery of a high-level plan tailored to the intricacies of Girteka's project.

This comprehensive roadmap encompassed every facet of the project, from the initial integration of SAP SuccessFactors for Girteka's Lithuanian office to the eventual full project coverage across all countries, and will culminate in 2024. With this plan in hand, Girteka clearly understood the path ahead—precise steps, financial allocations, timelines, and more.

The Analyze phase instilled clarity and solidified the partnership between Girteka and LeverX.

Leveraging its wide-ranging expertise, LeverX provided the assurance that Girteka sought: confidence that any integration, solution expansion, support, or future developments could be seamlessly provided by a single, reliable provider.

In choosing LeverX as their partner, Girteka found a strategic collaborator who understood their challenges and had the acumen to chart a course toward lasting success. The Analyze phase marked the beginning of a transformative partnership that continues to fuel Girteka's journey toward operational excellence and unrivaled HR dynamics.

Navigating transformation: Girteka's opportunities and challenges

As Girteka embarked on their journey towards operational enhancement, they encountered a landscape rich with opportunities for transformation. Amidst this narrative:

  • Girteka's operational practices presented a canvas for innovation: to reflect the dynamic nature of their various units. This diversity highlighted the potential to standardize processes, empower employees with self-service tools, align recruitment and onboarding workflows, and optimize automation pathways.
  • The aspiration to swiftly access and synchronize employee data across units marked an important milestone. By addressing this need, Girteka sought to cultivate satisfaction among employees and managers, ease the burden on HR functions, rectify wage calculation disparities, and avert potential costs tied to maintaining multiple legacy systems.
  • Effective collaboration emerged as a guiding principle within Girteka's narrative. The focus on streamlining communication underscored the significance of fostering alignment between teams, bolstering decision-making, and fortifying strategic insights.
  • The prospect of mobile access became a catalyst for agility and responsiveness. Unleashing the potential of on-the-go HR functionalities held promise for real-time decision-making and seamless communication.
  • Integration complexities intersected Girteka's path as they engaged with third-party systems such as Bonus Payroll, Sodra, Active Directory, and SAP S/4 HANA. While offering efficiency enhancements, this juncture introduced intricacies in data synchronization, security, and the maintenance of various systems.

Envisioning Success with SAP SuccessFactors

Recognizing the necessity for transformation, Girteka partnered with LeverX and agreed on a clear path toward resolution, guided by the transformative potential of SAP SuccessFactors (SAP SF).


Pic 1. Introduction to the SAP SuccessFactors Solution

The choice of SAP SF was a strategic decision grounded in the platform's remarkable capability to holistically tackle Girteka's multifaceted concerns. The selection of specific modules for implementation was purposeful and aimed to directly address the organization's pain points while propelling its operational efficiency to new heights.

  • SF Employee Central Core: At the heart of Girteka's transformation journey, this module served as a pivotal cornerstone, enabling the centralization of employee data and streamlining HR processes. This consolidation ensured consistency and equipped Girteka with real-time insights for informed decision-making.
  • SF Employee Central Benefits: Reflecting Girteka's unwavering commitment to employee well-being, this module assumed the role of a catalyst, enabling the organization to administer benefits with newfound effectiveness. The result? Enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • SF Employee Central Time Management (+ Shift Planning solution for shift employees): Recognizing the significance of workforce management, this module offered tailored solutions for optimized shift planning, ensuring seamless operations even in complex work schedules.
  • SF Recruiting Management & SF Recruiting Marketing: The spotlight on talent acquisition illuminated by these modules redefined Girteka's approach. From a stronger recruitment process to amplified employer branding, these tools empowered the organization to attract top-tier talent.
  • SF Onboarding 2.0: Elevating onboarding from routine to an immersive experience, this module resonated with Girteka's commitment to nurturing a positive beginning for new team members.
  • SF Performance and Goals: Turning individual tasks into an organizational strategy, this module aligned personal objectives with company-wide goals, propelling productivity and growth.
  • SF Learning Management: Enabling the cultivation of skills and knowledge, this module laid the foundation for continuous employee development, fostering a learning culture.
  • SF Compensation and Variable Pay: Upholding the principles of equitable compensation, this module underscored Girteka's dedication to acknowledging and rewarding employee contributions.

This selection wasn't a mere solution to challenges; it was a strategic investment in the organization's future, poised to unlock streamlined processes, empower an engaged workforce, and unveil new vistas of business opportunities.

Navigating Girteka's SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Journey


Embarking on a transformative endeavor with Girteka, LeverX orchestrated a comprehensive implementation strategy that unfolded across distinct phases. This intricate journey was fueled by meticulous planning, integration, and a commitment to bringing Girteka's vision to life.

Phase 1: The foundation

The inaugural phase, commencing in 2021, marked a pivotal moment for Girteka. Leveraging its expertise, LeverX meticulously integrated the following modules into Girteka's Lithuanian office, beginning with a groundbreaking implementation for SAP SuccessFactors for administration, covering 3,000 personnel:

  • SF Employee Central Core
  • SF Employee Central Benefits
  • SF Employee Central Time Management (including the Shift Planning solution)
  • SF Recruiting Management
  • SF Recruiting Marketing
  • SF Onboarding 2.0
  • SF Performance and Goals
Notably, Girteka required an advanced Time Management module beyond the standard offering of SAP SuccessFactors. Responding to this need, LeverX successfully implemented a mass input solution for shift employees. This achievement proved pivotal, enabling the scalability of a project within the transportation department, encompassing 13,000 drivers.

The stage also included seamless integrations with third-party systems:

  • Bonus Payroll system
  • Sodra (State Social Insurance Fund Board)
  • Active Directory
  • SAP S/4 HANA

The introduction of the SAP SF Mobile app stood as an additional achievement, fostering employee engagement, productivity, and a heightened sense of responsibility toward their roles.

With steadfast dedication, the first phase reached its crescendo in February 2023, cementing a robust foundation for Girteka's HR transformation. This marked the stepping stone for the subsequent stage, anticipated to conclude in October of this year.

Phase 2: Expanding horizons

In the ongoing second phase, the focus has shifted toward geographical expansion. The functionality of specific modules initially implemented in Lithuania will be enabled for Girteka's offices in Poland, Georgia, Spain, Netherlands, and the Nordics.

The SAP SF solution implemented in the Lithuania office is also evolving to encompass the Learning Management and Compensation and Variable Pay modules.

As Girteka's journey has expanded, the LeverX team has also grown — from an initial team of five, it has burgeoned to a robust twenty-member team. This ensemble consists of a Project Manager, Project Administrator, Integration Architect, nine consultants, two CPI Developers, and two Integration Business Analysts, among other key players.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology

Behind the scenes, LeverX harnessed a robust technology stack that included CPI, OData API, and VBA. These tools formed the bedrock of seamless integration, ensuring Girteka's needs were met with precision and innovation.


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Project Results: Unleashing Girteka's New Era of Excellence


Through a meticulous journey of transformation, Girteka emerged with a series of remarkable results, marking a seismic shift in its operational landscape. The strategic adoption of SAP SuccessFactors, in synergy with LeverX's expertise, yielded outcomes that reverberated across the organization:

  • Operational harmony and efficiency: The integration of SAP SuccessFactors streamlined personnel management, catalyzing harmonized processes across diverse units. This manifested in employee self-service capabilities, seamless integration between recruitment and onboarding, and automation opportunities that optimized operational efficiency.
  • Empowered workforce: A centralized repository of employee data, powered by SF Employee Central Core, offered real-time insights for decision-making. This empowered employees with a sense of ownership over their information, while SF Employee Central Benefits amplified their well-being through effective benefits administration.
  • Strategic talent acquisition: SF Recruiting Management and SF Recruiting Marketing redefined Girteka's talent acquisition strategy. The organization harnessed modern tools to attract and retain top-tier talent, setting new benchmarks in recruitment and employer branding.
  • Immersive onboarding experience: SF Onboarding 2.0 transformed the onboarding process into an engaging journey. New team members were immersed in an environment that nurtured their integration, accelerating their contribution to the organization.
  • Aligned performance and growth: SF Performance and Goals aligned personal objectives with company-wide goals, fostering a sense of purpose and direction. This synchronization propelled productivity and spurred collective growth.
  • Advanced time management: Recognizing the limitations of SAP SuccessFactors' basic time management module, Girteka sought a more sophisticated solution. The LeverX team recognized the opportunity for mass input of shift employee data, revolutionizing time management. This achievement facilitated scaling the project within the transportation department, encompassing 13,000 drivers.

The scale of the transformation


Girteka's journey with SAP SuccessFactors was truly unique in Europe, starting as a small initiative and evolving into an expansive project that covers the entire organization. LeverX's flexibility, functionality, and user-friendly solution allowed for this remarkable expansion.

Future scalability and collaborations

Looking ahead, Girteka's ambitions extend beyond its current achievements. The project's scope is set to reach all legal entities within Girteka by 2024, culminating in comprehensive SAP SuccessFactors integration. Furthermore, Girteka envisions the potential implementation of other SAP systems in collaboration with LeverX, such as SAP Payroll Cloud, highlighting the likelihood of future collaborations.

Girteka's project success is a pioneering example of SAP SuccessFactors integration. This success led to Girteka and LeverX collaborating to showcase their achievement at SAP Sapphire 2023 in Barcelona.

In the heart of these results lies Girteka's visionary journey. This transformation not only addresses the organization's immediate challenges but also equips it with a future-ready HR landscape. As Girteka forges ahead, it does so with the tools to drive innovation, empower its workforce, and reshape the contours of excellence in transportation and logistics.

The current endeavors span across several crucial dimensions, each poised to contribute to Girteka's overarching goals:

  • Cultivate a learning culture: With the impending introduction of SF Learning Management, Girteka will establish a fertile ground for continuous learning and skills enhancement. This pivotal step will foster a culture of growth and development, nurturing employees to thrive in a dynamic environment.
  • Ensure equitable compensation: The impending implementation of SF Compensation and Variable Pay underscores Girteka's unwavering dedication to recognizing employee contributions. This module will further align compensation practices with the organization's core values of recognition and appreciation.
  • Scaling geographic horizons: The project's second phase will see the implemented solution's geographic expansion, encompassing Girteka's offices throughout Europe. Alongside this expansion, introducing the Learning Management and Compensation and Variable Pay modules will enhance Girteka's operational scalability.

As Girteka navigates these initiatives, it continues to refine its operational ecosystem, positioning itself as an industry vanguard with a resilient foundation built upon innovation, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to its workforce. The journey towards a future of sustained excellence is marked not only by past achievements but also by the promise of transformative endeavors on the horizon.

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