Girteka: SAP SuccessFactors as a Sustainable Digital HR solution for Employee Self-Service

Many fast-growing companies encounter management issues as their teams expand internationally. Learn from this case study how Girteka and LeverX team solved this issue by implementing the SAP SF solution and other 3rd party systems to synchronize internal HR data to improve internal HR processes for Girteka.

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Many fast-growing companies encounter management issues as their teams expand internationally. Learn from this case study how Girteka and LeverX team solved this issue by implementing the SAP SF solution and other 3rd party systems to synchronize internal HR data to improve internal HR processes for Girteka. 

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Girteka Group is the largest European asset-based transportation company with more than 23.000 passionate employees. More than 9 200 fully owned trucks and 9 800 trailers operate in Europe. With state-of-the-art digital solutions, they are making a meaningful impact on the future of logistics.



The client needed a user-friendly self-management system that could help organize HR processes for their fast-growing international team.



LeverX offered an SAP SuccessFactors solution and integration with Payroll and other third-party systems for HR management processes.

Solution’s Description

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Full cycle implementation

  • SF Employee Central Core;
  • SF Employee Central Benefits;
  • SF Employee Central Time Management (+ Shift Planning solution for shift employees)
  • SF Recruiting Management 
  • SF Recruiting Marketing
  • SF Onboarding 2.0
  • SF Performance and Goals

Integrations with 3rd party systems

  • Bonus Payroll system
  • Sodra (State Social Insurance Fund Board)
  • Active Directory
  • SAP S/4 Hana

SAP SF Mobile app

This is an additional solution that helps bring HR closer to employees, increasing  engagement, productivity, and conscientiousness about their work. 


As the key features, Girteka and LeverX teams chose the SAP SuccessFactors solution. This is a user-friendly solution and a fully integrated platform that connects data and processes, enabling transparency.

The following SAP SuccessFactors modules were implemented for our client:

SAP SF Employee Central Core

Supports core HR processes and employee self-services.

SAP SF Employee Central Benefits

Helps manage the patterns of benefits offered by employer.

SAP SF Employee Central Time Management

Helps manage various aspects of Time Recording and Time Off for an employee.

SAP SF Recruiting Management

Helps secure the right talent through results-oriented recruiting practices and embedded engagement.

SAP SF Recruiting Marketing

Allows an enhanced careers website, multi-channel job postings, and social network integrations—available across multiple devices.

SAP SF Onboarding 2.0

Brings supporting systems, processes, and people into an intuitive digital experience, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

SAP SF Performance and Goals

Helps an organization ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance through feedback, and accurately evaluate and recognize top talent.

The People IT project for Lithuania started in 2021 and continued until March 2023. This is what Girteka achieved as a result:

  • Digital employee experience with a modern People & Culture system to motivate and retain employees.
  • Consistent, optimized, and improved People & Culture management processes.
  • A single global centralized core P&C platform, allowing process automation and standardization with self-service for managers and employees.
  • Transparent and results-driven employee rewards and recognition programs.

The main scope for the project was a full-cycle implementation of Employee Central Core, Benefits and Time Management (+custom shift planning solution for blue collars), integrations with a 3rd party local payroll provider and other systems, Recruiting Management, Recruiting Marketing, Onboarding 2.0, Performance and Goals.

Fifteen experts from LeverX worked on this project  with Girteka’s Project Manager, Project Administrator, Integration Architect, nine consultants, two CPI Developers, and two Integration Business Analysts, among others.

The functional scope of the project included the following:

  • Employee data management and transactions
    Centralize People & Culture data management; standardize and automate processes and transactions; run employee & managers self-service; simplify compliance management.
  • Organizational management
    Model and visualize the company and use embedded analytics to get real-time insight into the entire workforce.
  • Time and attendance tracking
    Simplify work schedule planning, attendance, and absence tracking.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
    Create a seamless user data flow by passing candidate information gathered during the Recruiting process to Onboarding. 
  • Performance and goals management
    Improve employee performance by providing ongoing direction, cascade goals to drive alignment across the organization, and ensure goal-linked activities stay on track throughout the year.

Technology Stack We Used

To provide custom developments we used:





Document Management

  • Document Release
  • Material Master Release and Extension
  • Sales Order Release
  • Manufacturing Instruction Release

Request Management

  • Procurement Request
  • Tooling Change Request
  • Shop Floor Issue Request
  • Customer Issue Request
  • Plant Maintenance Work Request
  • Request for Quote


Implementing SAP SF modules and integration with other 3rd party systems helped our client synchronize and systemize internal HR data, providing convenience and transparency of HR processes for HR, managers and remote employees. This digital solution simplified the daily HR-related processes and routine tasks, sparing employees time and energy to focus on business goals. THE SAP SF system is being used, rolled out, and enhanced, which means the project succeeded.

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