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AI Solutions Implementation

Future-proof your business with AI-driven digital transformation.

Benefits of AI Solutions


Greater efficiency

AI-driven automation revolutionizes operational workflows by streamlining tasks, reducing errors, and optimizing resource allocation. Automated feedback mechanisms facilitate continuous improvement, providing timely insights for refinement. Additionally, Generative AI speeds up manual tasks such as email processing and content writing.

Data-driven decisions

Whether business AI is utilized for pattern recognition, insight discovery, or process automation, it profoundly supports decision-making across executive and downstream levels. By leveraging AI's analytical capabilities and ability to identify patterns, executives can make precise strategic decisions, while downstream teams benefit from real-time insights.

Refined forecasting

AI analyzes vast datasets to make accurate forecasts, leveraging historical data and market trends. It empowers businesses to anticipate customer demands, optimize inventory, and allocate resources strategically, driving growth and profitability in dynamic markets.


AI-driven automation reduces manual labor, streamlines processes, and minimizes operational costs. Automating tasks like data entry and supply chain management frees up resources for higher-value activities. Business AI also optimizes resource allocation and identifies inefficiencies, leading to significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Our AI Solutions

What problems do you want to solve using AI? Which opportunities would you like to take advantage of? We can help you select and implement the business AI solution with the greatest value potential.

Generative AI

Unlock the potential of human-like results with Generative AI. Enhance customer service through intelligent chatbots, perform semantic document searches, and streamline internal processes like employee training. Our partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and Google ensure innovative solutions for diverse content creation, augmenting human creativity and innovation.


Computer Vision

Experience enhanced outcomes across industries with LeverX's Computer Vision technology. Utilizing classical algorithms and deep learning-based Visual Processing, we enable precise image detection, recognition, and classification, driving operational efficiency and informed decision-making.


Data Analysis and Forecasting

Optimize data flows and enhance customer experiences with LeverX's Data Analysis and Forecasting solutions. Our tailored approach leverages advanced analytics and forecasting techniques to provide precise insights, empowering strategic planning and informed decision-making.

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Voice and Speech Recognition

Seamlessly convert human speech into text with LeverX's AI-driven speech and voice recognition technology. Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), our solutions help you meet growing customer expectations, delivering successful projects with off-the-shelf solutions from hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Natural Language Processing

Choose LeverX’s NLP development services to optimize customer feedback analysis and enhance user engagement. Effectively analyze diverse customer data to gain valuable insights, fostering improved business insights and customer experiences.

Begin your forward-looking AI implementation journey today

Industries We Serve

LeverX excels in developing custom business AI solutions to address our clients' industry-specific needs. Explore how our expertise in AI can revolutionize your industry.
Retail and E-commerce
Finance and insurance
Real estate
Marketing & advertising
Information technology


AI enhances manufacturing by optimizing production processes, predicting equipment failures, and automating quality control measures. Manufacturers can streamline supply chain management, reduce downtime, and improve productivity, leading to cost savings and increased competitiveness.

The Way to Success With LeverX

The six main steps you will take with our SAP experts.
We develop an implementation strategy based on your business requirements and AI solution capabilities. If necessary, we go into more in-depth customizing.


We prepare the framework for all business AI implementation operational aspects. Together, we will determine a project structure, management, tracking, and reporting mechanisms. At this stage, roles and responsibilities in the project team are defined.


We prioritize the data quality check in AI solution implementation. It ensures ample, relevant, and accurate data that is easily readable by the AI system. We analyze various document formats and content types to tailor the solution to your requirements.


We transfer the AI solution from development to production environments. This involves installing and configuring the necessary software, databases, and infrastructure components to ensure seamless operation.


We customize and integrate AI components into your IT infrastructure. Our team of experts tailors the AI system to align with your specific business needs, enhancing functionality and performance as required.


We run the AI-driven solution with go-live support, fixes, and monitoring to smoothly adapt the new software to your business processes. 


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Why Choose LeverX?

Practice-proven competence

  • Our certified AI experts are knowledgeable about structured machine/deep learning, computer vision, NLP, text mining, and conversational AI. 
  • Our 20+ years of experience in custom development ensures finding high-ROI opportunities by developing a clear execution plan and applying strategies and techniques that lead to long-term competitive advantage.

Data privacy and ethical considerations

  • LeverX experts carefully consider the privacy and ethical issues associated with using business AI. This includes implementing AI solutions that act reasonably, avoid discrimination, and respect user privacy.
  • We ensure that AI technologies operate effectively and foster trust among users, ultimately safeguarding our client’s reputation and fostering sustainable business growth.

Cross-technology applications

  • We are not just an AI consulting company. LeverX provides comprehensive software development services and develops innovative cross-technology solutions.
  • We offer a multi-dimensional approach to measuring your organization's data and analytics maturity and identifying opportunities to improve your analytics capabilities.
Build an intelligent enterprise
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