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SAP Migration to Google Cloud

Merge your system environment with Google’s data cloud to leverage your innovative SAP solutions

SAP on Google Cloud

Google Cloud has an ongoing partnership with SAP to provide SAP-certified infrastructure for all your SAP systems. You can also use dynamic scaling to meet requirements.

Whether managing core SAP applications in a large-scale enterprise or overseeing critical functions in a small business, migrating to Google Cloud enables you to leverage SAP data while ensuring reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness in application operations.

A study by Forrester examined the results of SAP migration to Google Cloud and shared the following achievements:

$3 million 
In annual savings for SAP customers that use Google Cloud to eliminate hardware, optimize software licenses, and utilize other features
$1.5 million
In average savings when businesses avoid downtimes that once resulted in customer complaints
In annual savings with fewer server capacity issues, infrastructure disruptions, and other performance issues
Take a step toward an intelligent enterprise with LeverX


SAP customers face the need to upgrade their hardware infrastructure. Google Cloud provides up to 12 TB of RAM on virtual machines at a 35% reduced cost compared to on-premise solutions. This offers an economical and scalable solution for the evolving needs of SAP customers. Other business benefits companies enjoy after migrating to the Google Cloud environment include:

Enhanced data integration
Accelerated digital transformation
Real-time access to mission-critical data
Streamlined data ecosystems

Enhanced data integration

LeverX helps customers build an end-to-end data cloud by combining SAP solutions with Google's data cloud. This integration allows businesses to seamlessly bring data from across the enterprise landscape, including SAP systems and other sources, in real time. Consequently, organizations can view their entire data estate, facilitating better decision-making and maximizing the value derived from their Google Cloud and SAP software investments.

Deploying SAP on Google Cloud

Google's innovative Rapid Acceleration Migration Program (RAMP) is designed to expedite the migration of SAP solutions while enhancing their transition to the cloud ecosystem. RAMP seamlessly integrates Google's comprehensive suite of cloud products, engagement models, and industry best practices, providing customers with a holistic solution for swift and efficient migration to the cloud.

Leveraging strategic partnerships with channel partners, RAMP ensures the implementation of best practices for seamless SAP software integration with Google Cloud, streamlining the migration process and empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of cloud computing.

Leverage your SAP data in an innovative way with Google Cloud

Migration Scenarios

There are different SAP migration scenarios to accommodate varying infrastructure needs, deployment preferences, and compliance requirements of businesses transitioning to Google Cloud. With 20+ years of experience as an SAP partner, the LeverX team will choose the most reliable solution for your business.

  1. Manual deployment on Google Cloud offers complete control over configuration and deployment processes using the Google Cloud console, CLI, or APIs. After setting up the infrastructure, SAP systems are installed following SAP product documentation available from the SAP Help Portal.
  2. Infrastructure as code options, such as Terraform configuration files or Cloud Deployment Manager templates, streamline the deployment of SAP-certified infrastructure and SAP HANA deployments. By leveraging these tools, deployments adhere to SAP certification requirements and Google Cloud best practices for optimal performance and compliance.
  3. The SAP Cloud Appliance Library facilitates the automatic deployment of various SAP solutions on Google Cloud, adhering to SAP's licensing terms. Users can access trial, educational, and developer options, among others, subject to Google Cloud infrastructure charges, necessitating cleanup upon completion.
  4. Leveraging the Google Cloud Marketplace provides access to SAP-specific offerings from diverse Google Cloud partners, simplifying the deployment of infrastructure and solutions tailored to SAP requirements.

Basic Migration Steps

We'll help you smoothly migrate your SAP systems to Google Cloud, combining cloud technology with LeverX's SAP expertise. Here are the six steps we'll take together:
We conduct a thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, workloads, and dependencies to devise a comprehensive migration plan tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the organization.


We conduct a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure, workloads, and dependencies to devise a comprehensive migration plan tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the organization.


We analyze your current SAP landscape together and map it. We will show you simplifications and plan your target landscape based on this. Finally, we develop a concept that provides the correct platform setup and forms the basis for your transition to the Google Cloud.


We fine-tune the migrated workloads and validate the performance and functionality of applications to ensure a smooth transition and optimal operational efficiency within the Google Cloud environment.


We transfer data from legacy systems into the SAP production system, test the system, and validate roles/authorizations for all users.


The LeverX team considers your requirements and assumes responsibility for the professional maintenance, integrated monitoring, and further development of your SAP systems in the Google Cloud. This means your company is not only prepared well for the future digital transformation but can also use the expanded functions earlier.


Why choose LeverX?

Practice-proven competence

  • Our certified SAP experts are knowledgeable about cloud environments. Our 20+ years of experience provide insightful guidance tailored to the unique nuances of each SAP environment.
  • We align migration strategies with broader business objectives, fostering long-term success and sustainability.

All-round support

  • LeverX helps businesses utilize Google Cloud features that are best suited to accelerate digital transformation.
  • Through seamless integration into your infrastructure, you can quickly adapt SAP systems in the Google cloud to changing requirements and benefit from constant innovation.

Innovations and flexibility

  • Through the continuous development of Google Cloud Services, customers gain access to the latest technologies and benefit from investment security.
  • Increase the flexibility and scalability of your SAP systems in the Google cloud to meet SAP's high requirements.

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