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Boost Your Business With Design Thinking Methodology

Address business challenges and improve end-user experience with LeverX and SAP AppHaus.

LeverX Is the Official Member of the SAP AppHaus Network


We are happy to assist you with overcoming all your business challenges and offer the following collaboration models:


As an official member of the SAP AppHaus Network, LeverX has the AppHaus space in its office in Wrocław, Poland.


To find an effective solution to your business issue, you don’t need to go to Wrocław. Our experienced team can collaborate with you online.


If both offline and online collaboration models are inconvenient for you, we will hold a DT workshop at your office location.
Find out what collaboration model fits you best

Companies That Can Benefit From DT Workshops at LeverX

Current SAP customers

How we can help:

  • Improvement of SAP solutions performance
  • Optimization and solution scalability
  • New use cases
  • Innovation opportunities

Companies that are planning to implement SAP solutions

How we can help:

  • Requirement definition
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Budget estimation

Companies that haven’t chosen a platform or solution

How we can help:

  • Requirement definition
  • Optimization and automation
  • Innovation opportunities
  • Search for a suitable, cost-effective solution

What Do DT Workshops Include?

First call/meeting

A general idea of the issue being solved.

1-2 hours

Preparation for workshop

Determining workshop team, dates, and collaboration model.

1 week


1-2 days offline/online workshop. Prioritizing problems and finding solutions; developing a low-level prototype and a plan for further action.

1-2 days


Preparing specifications, interviews with end users, developing solution prototypes, choosing technologies, and preparing an architectural solution.

1-2 weeks

Solution development

Solution realization and implementation, depending on the analysis results

next step

  • Get an unbiased view of users’ mental model and life context
  • Eliminate underperforming ideas early
  • Reduce unnecessary spending and development costs (code changes are more expensive than changes in prototypes)
  • Reduce the employees' training costs (education sessions, materials, FAQs, etc.) as the solution built on users’ feedback is more intuitive
  • Increase end-user adoption as a result of users' participation in the requirement definition process
  • Simplify further decision-making due to the data collected during research activities

Companies That Have Already Improved Their Businesses With DT Workshops

I really liked the format that LeverX AppHaus presented. We had the goal of defining the subject of future development, which is complex enough to solve in standart ways.

We tired methods that are used all over the world. And we sae thah it was very fast, efficient and interesting. And the result that we achieved was a complete underestanding of ourselvs and the team. And also, the opportunity to see how the team is able to work.


Head of the network development
A telecom company

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Workshop Packages We Offer

Explore AI capabilities
Innovation exploration
Innovation design

Explore AI capabilities

Explore AI capabilities workshop works well for identifying use cases that can be addressed with AI solutions and creating the initial concept for a solution based on your business challenges.


Determine AI use cases relevant to specific business needs.

Best fit if you want to:
  • Understand how AI can enhance your business processes.
  • Ensure you stay abreast of new opportunities.
  • Gain a clear vision of how AI can impact your business.
  • 4-8 hours


  • Moderators
  • Solution Architects
  • AI specialists


  • Stakeholders in business processes who are aware of the problems and have decision-making authority. 
  • Understanding of AI capabilities
  • Ability to apply AI to your business use cases
  • Detailed formulated use cases that can be addressed with AI solutions and the initial concept for a solution based on your business challenges. 
  • Risk assessment and ethical view of applying the AI to the use case. 
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Customer Success Stories


It & Telecom

LeverX determined RFI structure and helped the client create the vision "transport module" and define its functional requirements.

towfiqu-barbhuiya-nApaSgkzaxg-unsplash (1) 1-min

Banking & Finance

Clients’ onboarding and establishing IE was a complex, paper-based, and time-consuming process. LeverX Group helped streamline the processes and make them faster.

eduardo-soares-e4EmPx91Aj4-unsplash 1-min

Food & Beverages

The task was to ensure that the IBP solution from SAP covers all current business needs and is ready for new perspectives.

Illustration (1)-min

Petrochemical industry

The key request from our client was to maximize the value of their business models and incorporate a customer-centric approach into innovation practices and business model development.

Have you scheduled your DT workshop and want to prepare for it in advance?

about Our DT Team

Every DT session is run by a DT Coach with 7+ years of experience. Our expert is certified by the Stanford and SAP Coach Camp. The facilitator will help you prepare for the DT session and guide you through all the session stages to the desired result.

The DT team also includes:

Business analyst, SAP consultant, UX designer, Technical expert.

dan-dimmock-sNwnjxm8eTY-unsplash 1-min

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