Streamline Spend Management Processes With SAP Ariba

Reduce operational costs by 60% and increase supplier discounts by up to 50%. Submit a request to discuss your project details.

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What Do You Get After Implementing SAP Ariba?

Faster transaction cycles

Faster transaction cycles

Reduced operational costs on average

Reduced operational costs on average

Improved accuracy of order processing

Improved accuracy of order processing

Increase in received rebates from suppliers

Increase in received rebates from suppliers

Quicker cash collection from customers

Quicker cash collection from customers

Increase in customer retention rate

Increase in customer retention rate

Learn how you can boost the Source-to-Pay process with SAP Ariba.
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How LeverX Delivers SAP Ariba Implementation Projects

We assist our customers at every project stage, starting from gathering requirements to project support and maintenance.

Requirements gathering

Client system audit and NDA signing

Setting up KPIs and SAP Ariba workshop

Contract signing

SAP Ariba implementation

Post-Implementation support

What Challenges Does SAP Ariba Address?

SAP Ariba solutions simplify collaboration between buyers and suppliers within the cloud-based B2B marketplace Ariba Network. Now you can efficiently manage every spend stage in your company.

Whatever the industry, SAP Ariba handles major issues related to the procurement process. In general, SAP Ariba will work if your organization is experiencing such challenges as: Lack of a long-term strategy focused on cost reduction;

  • Lack of transparency caused by unclear requirements;
  • Poor contract compliance and spend visibility
  • Lack of well-defined regulations and procedures;
  • Time-consuming supplier database updating processes; 
  • Inefficient sourcing and supplier evaluation criteria.
Our Client Success Story
Our Client Success Story

LeverX Team Simplified Auctions and Procurement Processes in SAP Ariba

Thanks to the solution, the customer can actively conduct e-auctions to choose the best supplier, while spending less time on the procurement procedure agreement.

Why LeverX?

  • LeverX is an SAP strategic partner

    As a trusted SAP integrator, we provide a full scope of SAP development services to our clients. For 19 years, we’ve delivered more than 550 successful SAP projects for different industries.

  • SAP Ariba implementation projects delivered in the USA and Europe

    The projects delivered include companies operating in different industries and business domains, including metal and mining, wood industry, retail, IT, chemical industry, etc.

  • Turnkey solutions provider

    LeverX experts handle all project issues, including systems analysis, business process development, implementation, and after-launch support.

  • We offer fair pricing

    Solution implementation price is broken into milestones, which allows us to readjust the project when needed and reduce costs.

Among the clients who trusted their project delivery to our LeverX team are:

Spend Analysis With SAP Ariba: Open the Door to Effective Spend Management

Get deep insights into your spend management to make sound spending decisions and optimize direct and indirect procurement for control and saving.

Discover SAP Ariba solutions and choose the best one to streamline procurement business processes in your company.

Strategic Sourcing Processes

Core capabilities to cover strategic sourcing processes:

  • Sourcing event support for RFI, RFP, e-Auction
  • Advanced scoring, real-time event views, and decision analysis
  • Constraint-based optimization, which is based on prices, scores, supplier profiles, volumes, etc.
  • Support of various auction types (reverse, forward) for better market results
  • Savings tracking
  • Ariba Discovery integration to identify new suppliers

Supplier Management: Lifecycle and Performance

Core capabilities to manage supplier data through purchasing lifecycle:

  • 360° view across all suppliers and their data in SAP Ariba and external systems
  • Tracking suppliers’ activity and performance
  • Self-service options for suppliers
  • Quick supplier onboarding
  • Smooth integration with external systems: real-time synchronization for supplier data between the systems

Supplier Risk Management

Core capabilities to manage supplier risks:

  • Flexible risk monitoring and scoring
  • Intelligent control assessments based on suppliers’ inherent risks
  • AI/ML-empowered KPI model
  • Integration with SAP ERP, SAP Ariba Procurement, and Ariba Network for making multifaceted supplier risk profiles

Invoice and Payment

Core capabilities to cover invoicing and payment:

  • Digitization and collaboration through the Ariba Network
  • Invoice validation through company-specific and general rules
  • Exception management and behavior control based on the invoice type, purchase order data, or organizational structure
  • Invoice conversion services to automate paper and PDF invoices
  • Document status visibility for payment and remittance advice

Contract Management

Core capabilities to cover contract management processes:

  • Centralized storage for procurement, sales, and internal/corporate contracts
  • Manage and sign non-disclosure agreements
  • End-to-end template-based contract management processes
  • Enhanced compliance activities
  • Automatic alerts and configurable reports
  • eSignature options: DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign

Operational Procurement

Core capabilities to cover operational procurement processes:

  • Simplified guided experience for contactless spend categories with policies and restrictions
  • Tactical sourcing and collaboration on the goods and services
  • Searching and buying non-sourced goods with Spot Buy
  • Professional procurement operations, including demand aggregation, total landed cost, etc.
  • Real-time integration with external systems, including budget check

Product Sourcing

Core capabilities for direct material sourcing:

  • Extended management for Bill Of Materials (BOM) integrated with your external planning system
  • Complex pricing conditions
  • What-If analysis and advanced optimization for the supplier bids
  • Multi-level Bill of Materials
  • Purchasing information record (PIR) integration with your external system
  • Reporting for contract and estimated prices inside each BOM

Forecast and Scheduling

Core capabilities to collaborate on the demand:

  • Time series view of forecast for suppliers
  • Interaction on the end-to-end supplier-managed inventory (SMI) processes
  • Multi-tier orders to enable visibility to logistics providers, improve order fulfillment, and reduce inventories
  • Support of end-to-end contract manufacturing collaboration processes
  • Providing suppliers with the visibility to any movement related to consigned inventory

Quality Collaboration

Core capabilities to collaborate on the material quality:

  • Data sharing for inspecting materials and finished products
  • Predefined inspection of specifications
  • Visibility into inspection results
  • Event/incident tracking, audit trails, and reporting
  • Communication on a product problem or deviation from standard
  • Collaboration on batch-record reviews and finalization of batch record information
  • Quality releases of product bulk materials
  • Bill of Material (BOM) support