Benefit from LeverX expertise in SAP Ariba, a breakthrough cloud procurement solution

Reshape your business through innovation

Benefit from LeverX expertise in SAP Ariba, a breakthrough cloud procurement solution

Reshape your business through innovation

We help transform your procurement processes with SAP Ariba

LeverX gives priority to SAP Ariba - the world’s largest cloud-based B2B marketplace when it comes to enhancing the buying process across organizations. Easy to integrate with already running SAP solutions, SAP Ariba is beneficial for both buyers and suppliers.

The marketplace improves the tender processes, makes cost management more efficient, reduces payment time, and increases goods inventory turnover. Whatever industry a company is in, SAP Ariba handles chief problems related to the procurement process, search for suppliers, invoicing, etc. 

Our team has implemented SAP Ariba solutions for various businesses, from coal mining to sales and logistics. It freed our customers from:

  • ‘Manual’ auctioning and tendering;
  • Billing and documentation errors;
  • Limited number of suppliers;
  • Ineffective procurement, risk, and supplier management;
  • Separate solutions for direct and indirect procurement, and other issues.

Trust the skills of our certified specialists to incorporate Ariba solutions into your business

Our consultants have successfully passed SAP Ariba certification, followed by getting an Ariba Partner account. On top of that, we have an Ariba Private Site - a realm where the LeverX team can configure any demo scenarios and fine-tune the solutions without reference to the customer's account.

Whether a separate SAP Ariba solution is needed or whether customers’ businesses require a suite of solutions, like SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing or SAP Ariba Supply Chain, we cover end-to-end implementation and all integration processes. Our expertise also involves supporting pre-sales activities, configuring the solution, and technical support.

All Ariba solutions are integrated with Ariba Network that manages processes within them. Ariba Discovery stores all buyer and supplier profiles. It helps to find the right supplier for a project. Furthermore, Ariba solutions can be mutually integrated to build a flawless procurement process.

We work with the key solutions responsible for a source-to-pay process:

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

Controls the entire procurement process, including: purchase requisitions, purchase orders, ship notices, invoice management, payments, tracking the movement of goods, approvals, etc.

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

The solution automates direct procurement tasks: supplier interaction planning, joint execution of supply chain management, and intelligent data processing.

SAP Ariba Sourcing

Transparency of tender processes, and control of internal approvals, online auctions, and other activities targeted at optimizing supplier selection.

SAP Ariba Supplier Management

Provides manifold possibilities to find out more about suppliers and manage them efficiently, thanks to the availability of performance assessments, information about supplier status, and regularly conducting supplier surveys.

SAP Ariba Contracts

The solution is responsible for contract and agreement management, and is integrated with the leading electronic signature vendors. It facilitates the completion of transactions in a much shorter timeframe.

SAP Ariba Catalog

Effective tools for electronic catalog management, which allow suppliers to add catalog items automatically, update catalog data, and support data accuracy. As a result, users can easily sort through available items and choose to order the most relevant materials and services.

Engage SAP Ariba tools in your digital transformation journey

SAP Ariba is constantly improving to be able to better accompany businesses on their way to digital transformation. All the offered Ariba solutions support enterprises’ ambitions to begin the shift to becoming “Intelligent”. Due to the cloud nature of this solution, among the capabilities our team can apply to your business processes are:

  • Smooth SAP Ariba integration with the other SAP systems, such as ERP, S4/HANA, Fieldglass, etc.
  • Either manual or automatic synchronization between different Ariba solutions
  • Easy system accessibility from any device to perform quick transactions
  • Intuitive approval process and user-friendly interface

To always keep up to date on trendy Ariba solutions and all the latest innovations, LeverX works directly with SAP's Ariba division representatives as an SAP Ariba partner. They keep us informed of the most current SAP Ariba implementation specifics and all product updates.