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SAP Ariba: Streamline Procurement Processes

Automate the buying process from source to payment, and reduce operating costs by as much as 60%!

What challenges does SAP Ariba address?


High operational costs

SAP Ariba helps minimize extra costs in your company's procurement processes by setting up and emphasizing intelligent cash flow requirements.

Lack of Visibility

SAP Ariba enhances procurement visibility, providing insights into supplier performance, pricing, contract compliance, and spending. This enables better decision-making, collaboration, and control over procurement activities.

Lack of Data Insights

SAP Ariba offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to leverage procurement data for insights, such as spend analysis, supplier performance, savings opportunities, and benchmarking. It supports data-driven decision-making and the identification of cost-saving opportunities.

Inefficient Processes

SAP Ariba automates and streamlines procurement processes, eliminating manual and paper-based tasks. It enables electronic requisitioning, approvals, purchase orders, and invoicing, improving process efficiency and cost savings.

Poor collaboration processes

SAP Ariba helps build collaboration plans that transform your vision into supply availability, automate repetitive tasks to minimize labor-related errors, and maintain real-time collaboration.

A lack of sustainability and purpose

Coordinate with sustainable and diverse suppliers, thus boosting investments flow. Attract more customers and ensure more significant levels of your employees' engagement.

Insufficient security strategies

Cover virtual procurement issues with digital tools that ensure information security at all levels, establish smooth collaboration across IT teams, and audit supplier cyber security.

Inflexible and hard-to-adapt operating model

SAP Ariba is adaptable to various scenarios. Remain ready for the proliferation of digital tools and application of agile techniques for enhanced value in a specific spend category.
Control Spending With an Intelligent Software Solution

SAP Ariba Solutions

SAP Ariba offers several solutions catering to procurement and supply chain management aspects. Each module focuses on specific functionalities and processes.

Discover SAP Ariba solutions and choose the one to streamline procurement business processes in your company. Get deep insights into your spend management to make sound spending decisions and optimize direct and indirect procurement for control and saving.

SAP Ariba Sourcing
SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance
SAP Ariba Supplier Risks
SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing
SAP Ariba Catalog
SAP Ariba Buying
SAP Product Sourcing
SAP Ariba Spend Analysis
SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

SAP Ariba Sourcing

Core capabilities that cover strategic sourcing processes:

  • Sourcing event support for RFI, RFP, e-Auction
  • Advanced scoring, real-time event views, and decision analysis
  • Constraint-based optimization based on prices, scores, supplier profiles, volumes, etc.
  • Support various auction types (reverse, forward) for better market results
  • Track savings
  • Ariba Discovery integration to identify new suppliers
Want to determine the most effective solution for your goals?

What Do You Get After Implementing SAP Ariba?

Faster transaction cycles
Reduced operational costs on average
Improved accuracy of order processing
Increase in received rebates from suppliers
Quicker cash collection from customers
Increase in customer retention rate

Customers success stories

How can intelligent spend management benefit your organization?

Discover the wide range of SAP Ariba services

Preliminary preparation:

  • Readiness Assessments
  • Implementation Strategy and Roadmaps

Implementation & Roll-Out:

  • Full-Scale Source-to-Pay Transformation and Implementation
  • Multi-Phase and International Roll-outs
  • Support after go-live
  • Continuous improvement

Refinement & Improvement:

  • Training and Change Management
  • Custom integration with Single or Multiple ERPs and 3rd party Software
  • Contract Migration and Support
  • Supplier Enablement Strategy, Flight Plans, Management, Execution
  • Catalogs Enablement Strategy, Plan, Management, Execution
  • Ariba Network Support for Buyers and Suppliers

Continuous support and maintenance:

  • Migration from CI9 add-on to CIG (Cloud Integration Gateway)
  • Migration from Classical Sourcing to Guided Sourcing
  • Guided Buying implementation
  • Existing Implementation Audit & Preparation of Improvement Roadmap

SAP Ariba Implementation

Streamline your business workflow by synchronizing SAP Ariba with SAP ERP and S/4HANA for data integration. SAP Ariba integrates via APIs or SOAP services, whether cloud-based or as a package add-on, thus optimizing procurement processes, saving time, and reducing costs.

Rely on LeverX consultants, experienced in SAP Ariba-S/4HANA/ERP integration, for full support – from requirements to ongoing project maintenance.

  • Project planning
  • Resource assignment
  • Kick-off meeting with SAP Ariba and Customer


  • Requirements gathering
  • Client system audit 
  • KPI setting
  • Functionality overview workshops


  • System configuration
  • Test system setup
  • Internal and acceptance testing
  • Users training


  • Move from the test system into the productive one


  • Go live
  • Ad-hoc support for the end-users
  • After-implementation support


Why Choose LeverX as your SAP Ariba Implementation Partner?

SAP strategic partner

We are SAP's preferred global partner, with operations in ten countries. For over 20 years, we’ve delivered more than 950 successful SAP projects worldwide for various industries.

16+ years of expertise in procurement

Our specialists are certified in procurement and have vast experience with consulting integration and implementing SAP Ariba into business processes.

Fair pricing

Solution implementation price is broken into milestones, which allows us to re-adjust the project when needed and reduce your cost.

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