BMAX automates your master data processes.

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Solve the age-old problem of manually creating Materials and BOMs in SAP

The rules engine in BMAX automates the creation and extension of Material Master and BOMs in your operations. Once you define rules per governance, BMAX executes them with a single click.

Here's How BMAX Helps

LeverX BMAX ensures that data is set up completely and accurately the first time.

Increase speed of new product launches. Reduce the process of Material creation and extension from days to minutes.


BMAX enables the mass creation of Materials from spreadsheets. This also supports data migration processes.


Data confidence yields better decisions. Eliminate human error at the outset of data creation.


Use the built-in basic workflow or leverage LeverX IPS to further streamline the process.


Increased new product speed to market


Data creation enabled by governance


Right first time – reduced rework


Data confidence – better decisions

Users That Would Benefit from BMAX

Below is a sample list of users that would benefit from using BMAX:

Purchasing Operations

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse Management

Data Operations

  • Engineering/R&D
  • Quality and Operations
  • Master Data Governance
  • Scheduling
  • Planning

Key Features and Capabilities

BMAX offers the following key features and capabilities:

Lean Process Enablement

BMAX lets you automate data creation in a decentralized fashion, supporting the entry of the right data by the right people at the right time. Centralized data entry departments are a thing of the past.

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