SAP ECTR. Integration with CAD/PDM

Take advantage of seamless CAD integration

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SAP Engineering Control Center allows you to easily and quickly integrate SAP products with CAD systems

SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) is a platform for integrating SAP with computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

Do you use AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or other CAD systems to create 3D drawings and models? SAP ECTR will ensure seamless integration of external CAD solutions with SAP PLM, allowing you to:

  • View all CAD data (drawings, models, designs, and technical documentation)
  • Automate the creation of documents, materials, and specifications in the SAP system based on CAD files
  • Accelerate other processes of working with a product, including planning and production

Take advantage of SAP ECTR to provide your company with a single efficient supply chain

The key advantage of SAP ECTR lies in transferring all data on products created in third-party CAD systems to SAP ERP for the successful planning, procurement, production, sales, and other processes, without the need for additional integrations.


Integration of all processes into a single supply chain using SAP ECTR opens up space for:

Time and budget savings

Time and budget savings

SAP ECTR eliminates the need for expensive custom development or SAP migration services for CAD integration.

Resource savings

Resource savings

With SAP ECTR, there is no need to re-enter data into SAP based on CAD files.

Facilitation of all production processes

Facilitation of all production processes

It is possible due to the automatic generation of documents, materials, and BOMs directly in SAP.

LeverX streamlines data management processes with SAP ECTR

Our experts implement, activate, and customize SAP ECTR. As part of the implementation process, our SAP consultants customize the attributes of models and drawings.

While SAP offers tools for flexible customization of the module, LeverX provides a team of experienced specialists who will help your business get the most out of the implementation of SAP ECTR in the data management process.


Want to improve your data management processes? SAP ECTR is a tool that will help you with this, and the LeverX team will answer all of your questions about the platform.