Asset Management & Maintenance Optimization

Your easy way to efficient full lifecycle management of physical assets and company performance improvement with SAP and LeverX Group.

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leverx group

19 Years

of successful asset management solutions implementation for Fortune 500 companies.

We will help you effectively manage your assets and asset systems, performance, risks, and costs across asset lifecycles with IoT digital twin technologies, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Enterprise Asset Management solutions from SAP include all the systematic and coordinated actions and practices that simplify the integration and management of enterprise assets.

How Can Asset Management Solutions Meet Your Business Needs?

leverx group
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How Can You Benefit From SAP Asset Management Solutions?

According to SAP benchmarks, you can gain the benefits below:
boost in mechanical efficiency

increase in asset availability


drop in maintenance cost

Why LeverX Group?

Our experience and deep knowledge of SAP solutions allow us to implement full-cycle projects.
Our experienced specialists help you to define the right business scenario in a short time and, as a result, save your budget and time.


The LeverX Group implements, customizes, and integrates any SAP component into your IT infrastructure. Moreover, our experts configure and further develop the system if required.


Our experts can not only implement out-of-the box solutions in your IT landscape but also develop the ones that will meet your specific business needs.


We integrate your current SAP solutions with other SAP and non-SAP components and provide their smooth operation.


If you already have third-party asset management solutions that require an upgrade or want to move to SAP asset management solutions, we assist with migration.


If your business is an enterprise with many branches worldwide, we help rollout already implemented solutions across them all.


LeverX Group provides go-live support, fixes outstanding issues, and helps your team to adapt to new solutions as soon as possible.


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