SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management

Automate and improve the clinical supplies process and gain better visibility of clinical supplies.

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Unlock All the Benefits of SAP ICSM


Faster cycle times

Reduce clinical trial cycles by up to 10% and quickly adapt to changes.



Reduce inventory overages by 30-40% and avoid errors and delays with accurate planning.



Decrease lead time by 10-15% by automating processes and reducing complexity.


Lower costs

Reduce running costs by 30-40% with existing SAP S/4HANA software.



Use scalable architecture that accommodates multiple clinical supply models in one system.



Gain complete control over the clinical supplies process, ranging from source to clinical site.

Find out How SAP ICSM Works

This module includes four components:

Study Master (Cloud-based functionality)

  • Complex treatment schedule (including graphical visualization)
  • Various study types like titration, dose-escalation, adaptive studies, and platform trials
  • Integration with CTMS

Planning & Forecasting (Cloud-based functionality)

  • Rough demand forecasting and deterministic demand planning
  • Switching/drop-off functions
  • Manual adaptation, simulations, and comparison of scenarios
  • Thresholds, alerts, and automatic replanning
  • Supply pooling across studies
  • Integration with IRT and SAP supply planning tools

Manufacturing (S/4HANA add-on)

  • Treatment-specific blinding and clinical serialization
  • Country-specific shelf-life management and extension functionality
  • System-supported batch allocation and expiry date calculation
  • Master Data Monitor to check readiness for packaging
  • ICSM enhancements for in-house GS1 compliant labeling
  • Integration with CMO

Distribution (S/4HANA add-on)

  • Distribution between depots and to sites with site stock visibility
  • Dispensing info, kit destruction tracking, and returns management
  • Expiry lead time validation
  • Cross-study pooling (limited)
  • Cold chain management
  • GS1 standards support
  • Integration with 3PL and IRT

Overcome All the Clinical Trial Supply Challenges with SAP ICSM

improve Your Business with SAP ICSM Key Features


Clinical study management

With the SAP ICSM module, you can ensure clinical trial blinding and randomization to facilitate demand forecasting, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and shipment.


Data collection and management

SAP ICSM enables faster data collection and seamless transmission to stakeholders worldwide.


Inventory management

This module can consider all the necessary clinical trial parameters to help avoid supply and demand planning errors.


Demand forecasting

With SAP ICSM, you can calculate and schedule demand based on comparisons between planned and actual study enrollment.


Clinical study focused on manufacturing

The module enables serialization, randomization, and blinded packaging and labeling of finished clinical goods.


Advanced distribution

Now you can ensure on-time delivery of clinical supplies to depots and hospitals worldwide and the availability of sufficient medication for all subjects at every dispensing site.

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Customize and integrate SAP components into the customer's IT infrastructure. Our experts configure and further develop the system if required.


Transfer from legacy systems into the SAP production system, tests, and roles/authorizations validation for all users.


Run the solution with the provision of go-live support, fixes, and monitoring to adapt the new software to your business processes perfectly.


Reimagine your current clinical clinical supply management processes with emerging technologies