Gain a sure footing in the oil and gas industry

Reduce mining and transportation risks. Automate daily work tasks. Increase safety without compromising efficiency

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Empower your workforce and drive profits with new solutions in oil and gas

LeverX is working hard, so that our customers can address their business challenges in the most effective way and achieve:

Optimized labor costs by improving employee productivity and automating tasks

Improved budgeting and resource management via implementing production planning

Reduced reaction time to issues by receiving real-time data about the production and equipment status in the field

Select oil and gas solutions we implemented

A consolidated solution to serve your needs

  • Get easy-to-use, actionable real-time data on the performance and status of your facilities
  • Create transparency in your key business processes
  • Effectively assess the performance of key locations and pieces of equipment
  • Improve the labor conditions and productivity of your workforce
  • Adopt industry best practices to leverage the full potential of your assets
  • Mitigate environmental risks and potential industrial accidents through effective compliance-monitoring tools