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LeverX showcases its unparalleled track record in delivering exceptional end-to-end custom development services. From the initial discovery phase to seamless product distribution on the designated platform, along with continuous support, we are your trusted partner every step of the way.

How We Organize the Custom Development Process

What Can You Expect Us to Cover?

We guarantee the seamless integration and optimal performance of your product across different platforms, including but not limited to the App Store, Google Play Marketplace, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Phases of the solution


The discovery phase is a critical step that sets the stage for success in product development. By delving into comprehensive exploration and analysis, this phase uncovers valuable insights, providing a clear roadmap that defines the value, objectives, and scope of your project.

Defining the discovery phase:

  • Reduces missed deadlines by 75%
  • Reduces development costs by up to 50%


Estimation & Proposal

At LeverX, we assess and analyze the key factors that impact the pricing of your product development. By evaluating these criteria, we provide valuable insights to optimize costs effectively, including:

  • Comprehensive risk analysis
  • Selection of the technology stack
  • Decomposition of work
  • Estimation of time and effort for project tasks
  • High-level project plan
  • Key project assumptions


Discovery Phase Bonus

The discovery phase also provides essential universal artifacts which serve as a valuable reference and provide input during the execution phase, regardless of the vendor you choose. By leveraging these resources, you can greatly enhance your chances of delivering an MVP within budget and on schedule. You can see some of the artifacts you receive after the discovery phase above.

Additional artifacts include:

  • User interface mock-ups / Prototype
  • Precise MVP phase roadmap
  • Implementation plan
  • Documentation (both architectural and functional)

Based on these derived insights, we offer you a precise project price estimation along with our tailored proposal.



During the initiation phase, we lay the foundation for a productive and well-structured development process by setting clear goals and establishing essential elements.

This phase encompasses the following key activities:

  • Establishing and organizing a project team
  • Defining roles and responsibilities (RACI matrix)
  • Selecting an effective communication approach
  • Determining the Quality Assurance methodology
  • Agreeing on a post-release support strategy
  • Arranging a Project Management approach, including change management, project progress tracking approach, and project management methodology
  • Configuring all development tools and landscape (repositories, cloud providers accounts, version control system, basic CI)



The objective of this phase is to create a meticulous project plan that encompasses distinct phases, well-defined timelines, and significant milestones.

The following activities are covered:

  • Defining the project phases
  • Establishing key expected milestones
  • Splitting the project into sprints
  • Precisely prioritizing the project scopes


6 Execution + Monitoring & Control

Our team diligently manages the technical and operational aspects of your project, ensuring comprehensive updates on progress and performance. Experience the gratifying journey of witnessing your idea evolve into a fully realized product, as we meticulously nurture its growth and success with unwavering dedication and expertise.

LeverX will provide you with regular demos. We will monitor and maintain all the project’s health metrics, including:

  • Continuous updates of the project progress
  • Intelligent budget control
  • Efficient risk identification and mitigation

After each iteration, we release a robust product increment to the pre-production environment and provide stakeholders with authorized access to evaluate its functionality and offer valuable feedback.

Consequently, you can:

  • Observe the continuous growth in functionality throughout the development process.
  • Stay informed about the project's progress and budget allocation through intuitive visualizations, comprehensive documentation, and insightful analytics.
  • Gain valuable insights into the current status and future projections, empowering you to make informed decisions at every stage of the journey.
  • Interact with the product at its very early stages, validate ideas, and showcase demos to clients and stakeholders, allowing you to actively shape the product and its market potential.



We deploy the product directly to the designated platform by:

  • Submitting all the required information, based on the platform requirements.
  • Ensuring adherence to security policies and regulatory compliance.
  • Setting up and preparing the production environment for seamless launch.
  • Preparing user manuals for intuitive utilization.


Product Maintenance and Support

We maintain regular communication with you after product release to ensure everything is operating smoothly, according to plan. Our product support services encompass two distinct approaches:

Provision of services under Support and Maintenance contract:

  • We determine the number of support hours, distributing them evenly throughout the specified duration.
  • Our specialists monitor the product performance and deliver regular updates for your review.
  • If you have specific modifications or enhancements in mind for the product functionality, we develop and integrate new features.
  • If any warranty-related issues arise, we provide a prompt, complimentary resolution.
  • We offer a dedicated development team that has an in-depth understanding of your product, which can be considered as an extension of your workforce, allowing you to fully trust them.

Coverage of warranty cases

We have full confidence in the quality of our delivered products and provide a warranty that covers any bugs discovered during operation. Rest assured, we will promptly address and resolve them at no additional cost to you.


Take a Look at Some of the Solutions We Delivered


Geographically distributed

With delivery centers in the EU and USA, LeverX ensures seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity. Leveraging the power of remote work, we assemble a diverse and highly skilled workforce from around the world, enabling us to effectively meet your project requirements and deliver exceptional results.


Our team comprises Middle, Lead, and Architect specialists who bring profound experience to the table. With a focus on continuous learning, we streamline, promote, and support an educational culture through our corporate learning centers.

Our Training & Development center offers programs on:

  • Java
  • DevOps
  • Front-end
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • .NET


Our professionals have a wealth of certifications that validate their extensive experience and skills.

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