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SAP Integration Services

We will assist you with creating a unified SAP landscape using our multi-decade SAP integration experience.

What We Can Integrate

To create a single IT infrastructure across the company, we will assist you with building integration between the following SAP and non-SAP systems:

Customer Relationship Management

Share essential customer data, sales orders, and service information to elevate customer engagement and satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize inventory management, enhance demand forecasting, and streamline logistics to reduce cost and improve performance.

Human Resource Management

Ensure the consistency and accuracy of HR data to streamline your business operations and enable precise HR management.

Financial Systems

Achieve more accurate financial reporting, efficient budgeting, and improved expense management to ensure your business's overall economic well-being.

E-Commerce Platforms

Enable real-time data exchange, efficient order processing, and optimized inventory management to improve overall business agility.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Enhance production schedule management, quality control, and material requirements planning to optimize processes and increase operational efficiency.

BI Platforms

Enable improved decision-making and strategic planning with data-driven insights to identify growth opportunities and stay ahead of market trends.

IoT Platforms

Harness real-time data from IoT devices to enhance predictive maintenance capabilities, optimize asset utilization, and improve operational efficiency.

Mobile Applications

Provide more access to SAP data and services anytime and anywhere to empower employees with the information they need to make informed decisions.


For 20+ years, we’ve battle-tested various SAP Integration approaches. Depending on your needs, our experts will work closely with your stakeholders to pick the optimal approach and make sure your integrations are seamless and cost-effective.

SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration (SAP PI/PO)

SAP PI/PO facilitates integration between various organizational systems and applications. It enables the orchestration of complex business processes and provides a centralized platform for message exchange, data mapping, and routing.

SAP Integration Suite

This solution offers tools and services to integrate SAP applications with external systems and services. It provides pre-built integration content, adapters, and connectors to facilitate communication between cloud-based and on-premise applications.


APIs enable interoperability between different software systems and allow them to communicate with each other. They facilitate integration with third-party applications, mobile apps, and IoT devices.

Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus is middleware for integrating various systems and applications across an enterprise. It facilitates message routing, transformation, and mediation between SAP and other systems.

Custom connectors

Our experts design and implement connectors and interfaces that are crafted to your business's unique integration needs that standard adapters or APIs cannot address.

Data Integration Secret Sauce

Meet LeverX DataLark, our proprietary solution that can help you make data migration and integration as easy as ABC. Depending on your needs, DataLark can do the following: 

  • Handle data migration, integration, transformation, and validation.
  • Import data from files, DBMS, applications, cloud services, message queues, and more.
  • Seamlessly handle WMS, MES, eCommerce, HR, and many other systems.
  • Automate event- or schedule-based processes.



Success Stories

Let’s Make Your Success Story Happen

Trust Our Industry-Specific Expertise

Our expertise includes working with various business domains, among which there are: 

SAP Integration Partner Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies


Our 20-year experience includes 950+ successful SAP projects for 800+ customers, including Fortune 500 companies.


LeverX has 1600+ qualified employees, including 300+ SAP ABAP Developers and 320+ SAP Consultants. 

Industry-specific experts

Our team includes specialists with practical experience in 30+ verticals, including Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Energy, and more.

SAP partnership

Our deep understanding of SAP is proved by our status as SAP Gold Partner, SAP Global Strategic Supplier, and SAP Preferred Vendor.


Being agile to customers’ requirements and changes helps us shorten the time of project launch and delivery.

R&D department

We constantly invest in innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies, including IoT, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.


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