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SAP Migration to Azure Cloud

Unleash maximum agility and efficiency as you seamlessly migrate SAP solutions to Azure Cloud with LeverX expertise.

Business Benefits of Migrating to Azure Cloud

Experience a multitude of business advantages through LeverX's proficiency in migrating SAP infrastructure to Microsoft Azure:


Enhanced scalability

LeverX's expertise ensures a seamless migration process to Azure Cloud, enabling effortless scalability of resources tailored to your SAP environment's needs. With LeverX's guidance and SAP products that support dynamic scaling, you can efficiently adapt to fluctuations in workload, ensuring optimal performance without unnecessary costs.

Optimized resource utilization

LeverX's meticulous approach to resource optimization maximizes the efficiency of your Azure Cloud environment, minimizing resource waste while ensuring consistent high performance for your SAP applications.

Accelerated innovation

LeverX leverages Azure Cloud's innovative technologies to drive innovation within your SAP ecosystem. By harnessing advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning, we empower you to unlock valuable insights, automate processes, and deliver enhanced experiences for users and customers.

Increased agility

With LeverX's support, your organization gains enhanced agility and responsiveness. Our specialists ensure a smooth transition to Azure Cloud, enabling you to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and seize new opportunities, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Improved collaboration

LeverX facilitates seamless collaboration across teams and locations by leveraging Azure Cloud's collaborative tools and capabilities. With our expertise, you can foster effective communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, which drives innovation and collective success.

Future-proofed infrastructure

Our proven track record in SAP migration to Azure Cloud future-proofs your infrastructure. We always implement the Infrastructure-as-Code approach with all the benefits it brings using the Microsoft-recommended industry-proven tools. LeverX ensures you remain at the forefront of technology advancements, enabling you to adapt and evolve in response to emerging trends and business requirements, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

Migration Options to Azure Cloud with LeverX

When considering migration options to Azure Cloud, LeverX provides two comprehensive pathways tailored to your organization's needs.

Lift and shift migration

LeverX facilitates a swift and efficient transition by lifting your existing SAP infrastructure and shifting it to Azure Cloud. This approach makes minimal modifications to your SAP landscape, ensuring a quick migration process. LeverX assists in assessing your current environment, devising a migration strategy, executing the migration, and optimizing performance post-migration. This option is ideal for organizations seeking a rapid migration process with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Re-platforming and optimization

For organizations looking to modernize their SAP landscape while migrating to Azure Cloud, LeverX offers re-platforming and optimization services. LeverX evaluates your current SAP environment, identifies opportunities for optimization and modernization, and re-architects the solution to effectively leverage Azure Cloud's capabilities. This approach involves re-platforming SAP systems onto Azure-native services to enhance performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. LeverX ensures a seamless migration process, maximizing the benefits of Azure Cloud while minimizing business disruption.
Ready to take your SAP systems to the next level with Azure Cloud migration expertise from LeverX? Reach out to begin your journey today!

When companies migrate to Azure Cloud, LeverX offers expertise in two distinct scenarios: Classical Migration and the SAP Database Migration Option (DMO). In both migration scenarios, we maximize the benefits of migrating to Azure Cloud by providing end-to-end support and expertise. From initial assessment to post-migration optimization, LeverX guides organizations through the migration journey, ensuring a seamless transition that maximizes the advantages of Azure Cloud.

Classical migration

Utilizing SAP’s Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM), Classical Migration is ideal for organizations solely focusing on migrating their SAP environment. LeverX employs SWPM for database migrations, using a file-based approach to export data from the source system and import it into the target system on Azure Cloud. This method ensures flexibility and compatibility with various database systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.

SAP Database Migration Option (DMO)

For organizations seeking a unified approach to both SAP upgrade and database migration, LeverX offers expertise in SAP DMO. DMO streamlines the migration process by handling both steps simultaneously, often referred to as a one-step migration. We guide organizations through the automated DMO process, which includes migrating to the SAP HANA database. Unlike Classical Migration, DMO eliminates the need for a separate upgrade step, optimizing efficiency and reducing complexity. 

Basic Migration Steps

We'll help you smoothly migrate your SAP systems to Azure Cloud, combining cloud technology and LeverX's SAP expertise. Here are the six steps we'll take together:
We conduct a thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, workloads, and dependencies to devise a comprehensive migration plan tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the organization.


We conduct a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure, workloads, and dependencies to devise a comprehensive migration plan tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the organization.


We analyze your current SAP landscape together and map it. We will show you simplifications and plan your target landscape based on this. Finally, we develop a concept that provides the correct platform setup and forms the basis for your transition to Azure.


We fine-tune the migrated workloads and validate the performance and functionality of applications to ensure a smooth transition and optimal operational efficiency within the Azure environment.


We transfer data from legacy systems into the SAP production system, test the system, and validate roles/authorizations for all users.


The LeverX team considers your requirements and assumes responsibility for the professional maintenance, integrated monitoring, and further development of your SAP systems in the Azure Cloud. This means your company is not only prepared well for the future digital transformation but can also use the expanded functions earlier.


Ready to elevate your SAP migration experience with LeverX?

Why choose LeverX?

Practice-proven competence

  • Our certified SAP experts are knowledgeable about cloud environments. Our 20+ years of experience ensure that we provide insightful guidance tailored to the unique nuances of each SAP environment.
  • We align migration strategies with broader business objectives, fostering long-term success and sustainability.

All around support

  • LeverX helps businesses choose the Azure Cloud services that are best-suited for big data analysis or machine learning to extract value from the available data.
  • Through seamless integration into your infrastructure, you can quickly adapt SAP systems in Microsoft Azure to changing requirements and benefit from constant innovation.

Innovations and flexibility

  • Through the continuous development of Azure Cloud Services, customers gain access to the latest technologies and benefit from investment security.
  • Increase the flexibility and scalability of your SAP systems in the Azure Cloud to meet SAP's high requirements.

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