Consider SAP SuccessFactors As a Way to Performance Excellence in Human Capital Management

LeverX and SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite make the processes of hiring, onboarding, teaching, and motivating people simple and effortless

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Shift to the innovative performance management approach with SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors, cloud HCM software, is a mix of cutting-edge technologies, human-oriented solutions, and a forward-looking approach. The suite meets all workforce-related challenges and becomes a source of enhanced employee experience and their stronger engagement. When your business objectives and transformation go hand in hand with a people strategy, performance and results may exceed your expectations.

SAP SuccessFactors adopts digital trends and their potential to refresh already established processes.

Among the capabilities the software provides after its deployment are:

  • Using a single portal to manage a great many HR tasks (accessible for employees and their managers)
  • Saving time spent on recruiting, hiring, and onboarding thanks to the automated processes
  • Tighter collaboration between managers and team members, more extensive feedback, and structured workflow

Decide on the SAP SuccessFactors solution you need most from a vast variety of options

The choice of the most suitable SAP SuccessFactors option fully depends on which aims your company pursues intending to affect HCM. Share your goals with LeverX, and our team will advise you on the best solution from a long list and consult which one will work in the most efficient way if you need improvements to staff administration, compensation packages, training and development systems, talent acquisition process, etc.

Although human capital management is a broad term and its practices cover various aspects related to people resource management, SAP SuccessFactors touch all angles of workforce acquisition, management, and optimization.


Here is an extensive SAP HCM portfolio for modernizing HR processes:
Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruiting & Onboarding

A company’s success is driven by talents. The cloud-based SuccessFactors solutions responsible for the recruiting and onboarding processes give easy-to-use recruitment marketing tools, attract the best candidates, and speed up hiring.

Core HR and Payroll

Core HR and Payroll

Administering all employees’ financial records, including salaries, bonuses, or deductions, becomes much easier with SAP payroll products. Core HR is strengthened by organizational management tools, optimized scheduling algorithms, and embedded analytics.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Corporate training sessions aligned with internal processes and performance objectives can’t but affect business outcomes in a positive way. The SAP SuccessFactors Learning, Succession, and Development solutions make trainings, certifications, and mentoring programs easier and more efficient.

Time & Attendance Management

Time & Attendance Management

Time tracking and task scheduling have never been so simple and convenient. Planning and reporting is possible from any device, which saves time for making requests and increases the efficiency of staff management.

Planning & Analytics

Planning & Analytics

Comprehensive workforce planning executed with the help of SAP SuccessFactors supports business transformations. Analytical systems incorporated into diverse HR processes promote making more weighted decisions and selecting right strategies.

Performance & Compensation

Performance & Compensation

The motivational stage is all about achievements — the more inspired the employees feel, the quicker your company can reach all business goals. A seamless system of assessment, evaluation, feedback, and coaching keeps the most valuable assets — people — driven.


Define the landscape to implement the module

SAP S/4HANA Implementation

  • New generation ERP system that enables digital transformation
  • It will replace the traditional SAP ECC after 2027
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Improved performance and faster processing of large data volumes

SAP ECC Implementation

  • SAP ECC and modules will no longer be supported after 2027
  • Limited functionality, which is a barrier to digital transformation
  • Lack of in-built intelligent technologies
  • Outdated SAP ECC features
  • Only on-premise deployment (database with disk drives)

Strengthen your business results through people with LeverX SAP SuccessFactors services

Our team will show how to succeed with the SAP SuccessFactors solutions and current HR strategy. No matter how big your business is, the solutions are easily implemented into the processes of either small companies or huge enterprises.

If you are new to SAP SuccessFactors, our experts help you get started. LeverX implements the application required to foster changes in HR transactions.

After analyzing your HCM operating model, LeverX provides detailed consultations on the beneficial usage of any SAP SuccessFactors solution. Depending on HR-related activities you would like to intensify, we will offer the SAP SuccessFactors tools answering your demands. A choice of the solutions is wide enough to cover all needs, and LeverX will assist with their deployment, integration, and support.

SAP SuccessFactors integration