Broad opportunities to store huge data volumes with SAP Business Warehouse

Use SAP Business Warehouse for collecting, storing, and managing business data from different sources

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SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) helps to manage big data volumes

Since SAP BW 3.0 based on "classic" databases and star schemas through a number of BW version changes, LeverX experts have been driving and guiding customers with the most efficient way of the SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) usage.

SAP BW is an optimal tool to build EDW for the centralized SAP solutions if most of the data comes from the SAP source systems. SAP BW allows storing huge data volumes and using them for analyzing business processes, understanding the current state of the enterprise, and making good strategic decisions.

SAP BW extractor is the most significant SAP BW component delivered out of the box for different SAP application modules in terms of BI Content. SAP BW extractors speed up extracting source data from SAP, thus eliminating the need to choose data from over 10000 database tables manually. 

Among key SAP BW functions are:

  • Gathering relevant business information from the SAP systems and external sources
  • Data storage
  • Data analysis with the help of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)
  • Data conversion and consolidation
  • Reporting 

Experience every single benefit of SAP BI for your business

With continually increasing data volumes, businesses face more and more challenges when trying to make informed strategic decisions faster.

To maximize the potential of business intelligence strategies, companies need analytical systems to help them get all needed data from different sources in the shortest term possible.

SAP BW is a perfect tool for assembling such solutions.

Pros of SAP BW
Speed and quality

Speed and quality

The solution promptly provides relevant data about the enterprise activities.

Nice visualization

Nice visualization

There are report form templates suggested by SAP BW.

Integration opportunities

Integration opportunities

If needed, the system is integrated with other solutions and their components.

LeverX experts will make your BW project a success

LeverX BI experts have functional knowledge of various SAP Modules, e.g., Finance, Logistics, or Plant Maintenance, and deep technical knowledge of BW to provide you with the best practices in BW modeling and design according to SAP's LSA, LSA+,and  LSA++ concepts depending on your system versioning and real business needs.

Our team is responsible for:

  • ETL process setup based on SAP API and third-party ETL tools
  • Migration (SAP BW -> SAP BW on HANA -> BW/4 HANA) for EDW and Planning applications
  • Data publishing and transfer using the SAP BW functionality
  • APD processes setup and maintenance