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of Americans (about 70 million people) claim to have embraced wearable tech

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Challenges Faced by Patients

  • Lack of online appointment scheduling
  • Lack of online billing capabilities
  • No access to medical records
  • No opportunity to request prescriptions online
  • No access to medical services in remote locations
  • Lack of engagement in personal health care
  • Issues with medication adherence
  • Lack of solutions for mental state management
  • No motivation or time for developing healthy lifestyle benefits

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Professionals

  • Inefficiency and errors in data sharing
  • Paper-based medical records are still used in many hospitals
  • Absence of remote access to patients in the pandemic times
  • Lack of social networking apps for healthcare professional
  • No well-established, standardized, automated processes for medicare and medicaid reimbursement
  • Absence of supply management systems
  • Data overload and mismanagement
  • Lack of online appointment scheduling
  • Lack of online billing capabilities

OUR Software Solutions



Our ERP systems for healthcare provide tools for addressing procurement, payment, accounting, and waste management issues. To enable our clients to receive valuable insights, we implement BI tools and can integrate the solution with a PRM system for a better track of relationships, clients, and resources.


leverx group

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