Document Management (SAP DMS)

SAP Document Management System is a product for convenient and efficient document processing

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SAP Document Management System for smart document management

SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS) is a module in SAP PLM, which is designed to store, process, and provide access to different types of documents. Thanks to the SAP DMS system, organizations effectively manage information presented in various formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.).

Forget about the large volumes of unstructured information (whether digital or paper), because SAP DMS creates and stores a virtual copy for each type of documents you use.

SAP DMS is a powerful tool for the establishment of a structured document storage!

SAP DMS provides the ability to:

  • Store all the necessary documents in a single repository (engineering and technical documentation, material specifications, certificates of customers or suppliers, instructions, invoices, etc.)
  • Manage original documents
  • Get instant access to any documentation you need
  • Track and manage document statuses
  • Search for documents by keywords
  • Organize documents (hierarchy of documents based on the needs of the organization)
  • Configure access to documents
  • Distribute documents for their delivery to the correct addressees
  • Verify the authenticity of documents (digital signature)

Key reasons to use SAP DMS for document management

SAP DMS easily addresses the issues related to document storage, management, and tracking.

Fast processing of documents

Fast processing of documents

Convenient document storage in a single repository

Convenient document storage in a single repository

Flexible reporting system for document lifecycle tracking

Flexible reporting system for document lifecycle tracking

With SAP DMS, your company will significantly increase the efficiency of management processes, contributing to smart strategic decisions.


LeverX will ensure the successful implementation of SAP DMS into your business

Nearly all of our projects include the implementation of the SAP DMS for efficient enterprise document management. LeverX consultants are ready to assist your organization with both the implementation and customization of the solution, contributing to the greater convenience of working with documents.

SAP DMS is integrated with all business processes in the SAP system, easily customized in accordance to the needs of your company, and it does not require additional ABAP development.

The provision of documentation support for all business processes becomes easier with the SAP Document Management System. Take advantage of our expertise to enjoy the benefits of SAP DMS.