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Generative AI

We know how generative AI can help your business succeed.

Our Generative AI Services


Generative AI consulting

What are the potential use cases for generative AI within my organization? What AI technology and tools to choose? Are there any untapped opportunities in the AI solutions I am already using? LeverX will guide you through all your concerns and help you maximize the benefits of generative AI for your business innovation.

Generative AI model customization

Do you need to tailor your AI system to their specific industry requirements, unique data, regulatory standards, and performance goals? We specialize in fine-tuning open-source models to meet customer needs, delivering exceptional results in RAG, NL-SQL, and other generative AI applications.

Generative AI integration

Without expert knowledge, businesses integrating generative AI may face challenges related to quality control, data privacy, bias, legal compliance, etc. Our team seamlessly integrates existing generative AI products and APIs with your customer landscape, ensuring a secure, cost-effective, and efficient deployment of advanced generative AI solutions.

AI workshops

We conduct tailored design thinking sessions that help you grasp your AI opportunities, aligning them with customer needs for user-centric solutions. By outlining the AI value potential tailored to your business, we evaluate and prioritize ideas to structure a customer-centric adoption plan with tangible strategies.

Generative AI Solutions We Offer

LeverX creates various AI solutions, including chatbots, virtual voice assistants, personalized recommendation systems, or customer service platforms, tailored to automate commonly encountered and specific business tasks.


AI virtual assistants

AI assistants enhance customer experience by efficiently handling different tasks. We utilize results of our research team to provide you with cost optimized AI assistants like:

  • Internal assistants, including tools for faster employee onboarding and access to internal policies and company knowledge, such as databases and files.
  • External assistants, for example chatbots,  that assist customers with product/service inquiries, FAQs, and other tasks, reducing the need for human involvement.
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Email processing agents

AI-driven email processing allows you to process a broader range of emails with increased accuracy. We can develop email processing agents to accelerate incoming email handling and prepare replies for purchase requests, customer inquiries, and more. 


Content generation agents

Our team creates content generation agents to assist customers in preparing content for specific needs, such as responding to customer requests, tailoring marketing messages for various channels, and generating image and audio marketing materials.


Unstructured data processing tools

Unstructured data holds valuable insights for organizations, and Gen AI can unlock this potential. We specialize in developing AI-driven unstructured data processing tools that extract necessary information from documents, invoices, and insurance forms, helping you uncover insights from complex data sets and streamlining data processing tasks.


Custom generative AI solutions

If standard AI systems don't fit your unique requirements, LeverX crafts bespoke solutions by fine-tuning existing LLMs to precisely match your needs.

Artificial Intelligence Industry Partners

LeverX maintains partnerships with industry leaders, signifying our commitment to industry standards, adherence to policies, and access to cutting-edge resources. 

AI Tech Stack We Use

AI tools
Data tools
Cloud providers

Our Approach to AI Development Services


Our experts lead educational sessions, AI webinars, and workshops focused on identifying AI use cases. This helps us understand your specific business model, goals, and challenges, enabling us to develop a robust AI strategy tailored to your needs.

Step 1

Hypothesis validation phase

In this phase, we rigorously test customer hypotheses using the CRISP-DM methodology. This ensures the integrity of the data and helps us predict outcomes accurately.

Step 2


We transform the Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into a full-scale production system, ensuring full compliance with all organizational security and regulatory standards.

Step 3

We Support Your Business Domain

With more than 8 years of collaboration with different industries, we possess deep expertise in the challenges each industry faces and know how to cope with them using innovations. Here are the industries we serve:

Why Choose LeverX for Generative AI Development?

Global system integrator

  • LeverX is an International company with 14 offices in 10 countries that specializes in SAP Implementation and customization.
  • Full-cycle technology consulting, development, and cost-effective implementation services for successful business transformation and sustainability.
  • We offer custom software development services to companies to deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to clients' specific requirements.

Technology & Management

  • Short engagement ramp-up and project set-up, strong management
  • Continuous investment in innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies (Data Science, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain etc.)
  • Creation of projects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 55001 quality and safety standards.


  • 20+ years of working with SAP solutions. LeverX is an SAP-certified partner and preferred vendor.
  • 1 600 IT-experts with deep knowledge of the latest SAP technologies and solutions.
  • 950+ successful projects. We help companies of all sizes and across various industries to leverage the power of SAP.