SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

SAP ATTP simplifies and enhances product labeling

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Effectively process huge volumes of serialization data with SAP ATTP

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) is a solution for serialization and serial number management.

Pharmaceutical companies face high requirements as they are responsible for patient safety. Among the demands are thorough product control, drug serialization (drug verification before its sale), transfer of serialization data to partners, country-specific regulatory reporting, and serial number management.

SAP ATTP is an industry-specific solution built for pharmaceutical companies to label and track products with serial numbers. It helps pharma organizations comply with all the requirements of international legislation on the supply chain and patient safety.

SAP ATTP functions are:

  • Managing and storing drug serial numbers
  • Creating regulatory compliance reporting
  • Managing huge volumes of serialization data
  • Setting serialization parameters
  • Integration with business processes, ERP data and transactions, warehouse management systems, and supply chains
  • Controlling and tracking material movements by their serial numbers

Integrate SAP ATTP into business processes to ensure effective serialization management

How does SAP ATTP promote operational efficiency? What are the benefits of the solution? Let’s check out its key advantages.

Meeting all serialization requirements

Meeting all serialization requirements

SAP ATTP lets you comply with all country-specific rules and regulations

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Lower costs on business process integration and compliance with legal requirements

Easy reporting

Easy reporting

SAP ATTP enables simple reporting processes



Effective processing and storing large data volumes

LeverX will show you how to tackle key business challenges with SAP ATTP

Our experts have participated in the development of the solution, so we have a thorough understanding of its functional capabilities. The LeverX team has vast experience in implementing SAP ATTP into business processes of pharma companies, integrating it with the other systems, and providing its correct functioning. Thanks to its pharmaceutical industry expertise and deep knowledge of SAP ATTP, LeverX will ensure the maximum benefits from your investments in the SAP ATTP solution.

Meet all reporting requirements, integrate serialization into your company’s business processes, and effectively manage large data volumes with SAP ATTP!


SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals is a perfect tool that lets you avoid fraud of pharmaceutical products!