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Why Is Human Resource Management Important?

Companies sometimes may not give due priority to personnel management. They believe that the company growth depends on other important factors. And this is a costly mistake because employees, your company culture, and business success walk hand in hand.


Finding a suitable candidate may be challenging, and mistakes in this process may be costly for your business. If you hire too many or not enough people or the wrong candidate, you lose your money.



It’s one of the most underrated processes. Well-organized onboarding maximizes employee engagement and increases their retention. In contrast, companies with poor onboarding are unlikely to retain new talented employees.


Performance management

There are no employees without knowledge gaps. Performance management helps to solve this issue. With efficient performance management, you can support your talented employees and help them in their professional development.



Employee training increases their engagement, improves performance, and reduces turnover. Investments in personnel training enhance the strengths of your business and provide you with competitive advantages.


Company culture building

Positive company culture increases employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. HR management is crucial for developing, improving, and maintaining a company culture.

Key Processes Human Resource Management Solutions Cover



With SAP, sourcing, engaging, and hiring new employees is easier. Use result-oriented recruiting practices to get the best talents on the market.

Create Your Dream Team With SAP and LeverX Group

SAP Payroll

SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM)

With SAP HCM, you get competitive advantages when hiring, engaging, and retaining employees by automating personnel department’s tasks.

Key features

  • Optimization of planning and resource management. Prioritize user experience and create and analyze the structure of your company and its departments. 
  • Onboarding automation. You can create a single data center storing the information on all the employees and optimize every process related to recruitment and onboarding.
  • Time management. SAP HCM components provide necessary tools to manage employees’ timetables, monitor working and time-off hours, and analyze your employee productivity.
  • Payroll management. It simplifies payroll-related data collection, storage, and management. Now you can avoid errors while calculating payroll and reduce the risks related to all the payments.
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