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SAP Migration to AWS Cloud

Optimize SAP system landscape for cloud operations with AWS cloud

Benefits of SAP Migration from Other Platforms to AWS

By migrating your SAP landscape to the AWS cloud, you can achieve increased performance and scalability with improved cost control. With the right cloud foundation, you can develop resources faster, transform economics, and provide flexible scalability that adapts to changes in demand.


Trusted and secure infrastructure

Leverage AWS's globally recognized infrastructure, ranked as a leader in SAP HANA services by ISG for the fifth consecutive year. SAP's cloud solutions are supported by AWS’s comprehensive range of cloud security tools with over 300 security, compliance, and governance services and features, as well as support for 143 security standards and compliance certifications.

Improved backups and recovery

AWS provides robust backup and recovery solutions such as Amazon EBS Snapshots and AWS Backup. Stringent security, governance, and compliance requirements for SAP workloads allow for efficient and reliable data protection strategies. With features like automated snapshots and flexible recovery options, organizations can ensure data integrity and minimize downtime in case of system failures or data loss incidents.

Enhanced SLAs

AWS offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee high availability, reliability, and performance of cloud services, including VMs hosting SAP applications. By leveraging AWS's globally distributed infrastructure and industry-leading uptime, organizations can meet stringent SLA requirements and ensure business continuity for critical SAP workloads.

Cost savings

Achieve cost savings through flexible scalability, usage-based pricing, and reduced management efforts with AWS. Case in point, Syngenta reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO) of SAP applications by 28% after migrating to AWS.

Streamlined VM management

AWS provides tools like Amazon EC2 and AWS Systems Manager that simplify managing and monitoring virtual machines (VMs) that run SAP applications. With automated provisioning, scaling, and patch management features, organizations can optimize resource utilization, improve operational efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead associated with managing SAP VMs in the cloud.

Expert support

Count on LeverX’s expertise as an SAP Gold Partner and Global Strategic Supplier for seamless deployment and ongoing support of the migration process. Over 90% of SAP customers leverage the expertise of AWS partners, ensuring successful migration and optimization of SAP environments. In addition, you can benefit from collaborative AWS's 14-year and LeverX’s 20-year evolving partnerships with SAP, providing you with a seamless migration experience.
aws-1LeverX ensures a smooth hybrid cloud environment for SAP that modernizes IT management and application development, improving stability, performance, security, and availability at scale. The environment represents a proven basis for SAP solutions, which ensures greater efficiency and flexibility.


Technical Options of the Migration Process

All SAP customers are expected to switch their workloads to SAP HANA by 2025. Therefore, they must find new ways to modernize, scale, and optimize their SAP environments, making it the ideal time to migrate to AWS.

With SAP software on AWS, you get on-demand access to IT resources that support storage-intensive workloads. LeverX’s 20 years of experience with SAP and a deep understanding of the technology and cloud mechanisms allow businesses to choose the proper migration option for your business:

AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator

AWS service facilitating centralized migration management and tracking for SAP HANA migration from other platforms to AWS.

SAP HANA Backup and Restore

Process of backing up SAP HANA databases from their current platform and restoring them onto AWS infrastructure.

SAP HANA Classical Migration

Traditional migration method involves exporting SAP HANA data, transferring it to AWS, and then importing it into the SAP HANA database on AWS.


SAP HANA system replication, a method for creating and maintaining a secondary SAP HANA system on AWS for high availability and disaster recovery.

SAP HANA HSR (with initialization via backup and restore)

SAP HANA system replication with initialization using a backup and restore method, which ensures consistency and reliability during the migration process to AWS.

SAP HANA (on-premises) to SAP HANA (AWS cloud)

Migration of SAP HANA databases and systems from on-premises environments to the AWS Private Cloud infrastructure.
Take off into the AWS cloud with LeverX

Basic Migration Steps With LeverX

Together with you, we methodically make migrating classic on-premise applications to the AWS cloud platform a success. We meticulously determine how cloud technologies and LeverX's expertise in SAP migration and operations can best support the modernization of your SAP systems. Here are the six main steps we will take:
We closely examine the system landscape, clarify individual needs and goals, develop a strategy together, and set a starting point for the cloud journey.


We prepare the framework and roadmap for introducing the AWS Cloud for SAP applications, as well as all operational aspects. Together, we ensure a smooth migration using proven processes and methods. 


We prioritize the data quality check before the migration process. We conduct technical assessments of SAP on AWS with landscape planning and sizing to optimize system landscapes for cloud operations. We analyze various document formats and content types to tailor the solution to your requirements.


Our team of experts utilizes cloud security tools to ensure the migration process goes as planned and aligns with your specific business needs. Thanks to extensive experience implementing SAP projects in the Private cloud, we have configured business-critical systems such as SAP S/4HANA with platform availability of over 99.9% and fail-safe disaster recovery.


We seamlessly transfer SAP data and applications from on-premises or existing cloud environments to AWS Cloud, ensuring minimal downtime and data integrity throughout the migration process. 


Our dedicated migration team orchestrates your SAP cloud migration end-to-end. We continuously monitor all systems, ensure high availability and disaster recovery, and automatically expand the storage space for databases, if necessary.


Build a reliable and high-performance SAP environment on AWS with LeverX

Why choose LeverX?

Practice-proven competence

  • Our certified SAP experts are knowledgeable about cloud environments. Our 20+ years of experience ensure that we provide insightful guidance tailored to the unique nuances of each SAP environment.
  • We align migration strategies with broader business objectives, fostering long-term success and sustainability.

All-round support

  • LeverX helps businesses pick the best-suit AWS services in the cloud for big data analysis or machine learning to extract value from the available data.
  • Through seamless integration into your infrastructure, you can quickly adapt SAP systems in the AWS cloud to changing requirements and benefit from constant innovation.

Innovations and flexibility

  • Through the continuous development of AWS Private Cloud services, customers gain access to the latest technologies and benefit from investment security.
  • Increase the flexibility and scalability of your SAP systems in the AWS cloud to meet SAP's high requirements.

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