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Seamlessly Manage Data with DataLark

Bring simplicity and efficiency to data management

Are You Facing the Following Challenges When Migrating Data?

Manually re-entering data within several systems
Slow execution of mass transactions
Errors when compiling and transforming data
Simplify Data Management Processes with an All-in-one Tool

DataLark is a LeverX solution that provides for an easy to use application that can manage any of your data needs. This application allows for drag and drop data mapping from a choice of inputs. Move data from an XLS, any DB, or any other data management source. DataLark then maps the data into the target data application in the necessary format and structure.

  • Data migration
  • Data Integration
  • Data consolidation
  • Data validation
  • Integrated with SAP Data model

How DataLark Boosts Data Management

Streamlines operations
Increases productivity
Brings data integrity and data quality

Here Are Some Examples of Using DataLark

To get a better understanding of the benefits of DataLark, you can bring to your business and see several examples of how it can help you with various data management tasks:

Data migration

  • Migration (on-premise and cloud) from 3rd party SAP solutions to S/4HANA
  • Database migration

Data integration

  • Extraction from multiple sources and propagation to various destinations
  • Event- and rules-driven synchronous and asynchronous exchange

Data consolidation

  • Data brought together from a multitude of sources
  • Data transformation based on business rules
  • Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

Data validation

  • Data quality and accelerated pace of work
  • Simulation mode for additional data verification before running in the production environment

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