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LeverX architected and developed a complex cloud-based system to manage strategic initiatives and company-wide scorecards based on live KPIs provided by a wide range of external systems.

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LeverX architected and developed a complex cloud-based system to manage strategic initiatives and company-wide scorecards based on live KPIs provided by a wide range of external systems.


Cipher BSC


Due to the absence of dedicated software, a lack of information authorization control and automated data retrieval, strategic management and processes in organizations are complex and inefficient.


A cloud-based solution provides comprehensive access to information planning, customizable roles, embedded communication tools and notifications, as well as an advanced analytics system based on SAP Analytics Cloud.


Among the key challenges our team faced during the project planning and development were:

  • The absence of BTP CF environment in UAE/KSA regions.
  • The multi-cloud deployment strategy for such customers.
  • There is no SAP-provided ORM for HANA database for NodeJS.
  • Integration with customers' systems, e.g. Active Directory, and different databases.

Products and Services

Solution Description

The solution delivered by the team helps organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Companies can be better equipped to measure their performance against objectives, make timely adjustments if needed, and increase accountability at all levels of the organization.

Here are some of the solution highlights:

        • Can be accessed anywhere and anytime, thanks to the cloud architecture.
        • Provides a consistent information environment by integrating real-time data from other systems.
        • Allows organizations to clearly articulate their corporate strategy and show how it cascades throughout the organization.
        • Enables information planning based on the company departments and a customizable role system.
        • Ensures a full-range view of the particular initiatives or scorecards thanks to the analysis of data from various sources.
        • Encourages the creation of reports that benefit the strategic planning and execution processes.
        • Provides a collaborative platform for aligning day-to-day operations with the mission and vision of the organization.

Key Features

        • Strategies and KPIs with drill-down details of initiatives
        • Dashboard visuals to measure progress toward company objectives and KPIs
        • Hierarchical structure to maintain the visibility and accountability of data in the organization
        • Data segregation across different departments with tailored access control
        • Seamless collaboration through an embedded messaging system and cloud-based document storage on AWS S3
        • Configurable alerting system with adjustable thresholds and receivers for timely notification
        • Automated data integration capabilities with wide support of external systems (Cloud/On-Premise)
        • Mapping and aggregation of data from various sources
        • Ad hoc reporting with reporting engine based on SAP Analytics Cloud
        • Integrated environment with the ability to re-use already existing corporate user identities, migrating the data using XLSX/CSV formats

Our Contribution

LeverX developed a strategy management solution to assist Cipher BSC with the improvement of their operations.

        • The project covered the entire development lifecycle: from planning and architecture design to development and support.
        • The development process itself involved close collaboration with Cipher BSC's team in the areas of Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, and Customer Support.
        • In addition to developing the core strategy management solution, the LeverX team also helped the client with onboarding of new customers from different parts of the world.

Core Technologies

        • SAP BTP SAP Business Technology Platform
        • SAP IAS SAP Identity Authentication Services
        • SAP IPS SAP Identity Provisioning Services
        • CLOUD FOUNDRY RUNTIME based on Node.js framework, Nest.js framework
        • FIORI-LIKE UI based on SAPUI5 framework
        • SAP HANA CLOUD including SDI for integration capabilities
        • SAP CONNECTIVITY SERVICES On-Premise systems access
        • AWS AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS VPC

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LeverX has developed a comprehensive cloud-based software solution that helps businesses manage strategic initiatives and scorecards effectively. The solution helps organizations close the gap between strategy and execution by allowing them to:

        • Publish their corporate strategy and make it accessible to different levels of the organization, so employees see how it cascades.
        • Access up-to-date KPIs from external systems to understand the current situation.
        • Define performance metrics, track progress, generate reports, and share real-time insights with stakeholders

The application is published and available in the SAP Store, helping customers from different domains, including Agriculture and Energy, manage processes and their organization.

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