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LeverX has been a trusted SAP partner in the PLM space since 2003. Our goal is to allow SAP users to efficiently and strategically implement and utilize a variety of SAP products.

LeverX SAP Accelerator Add-On Software Products

LeverX has been a trusted SAP partner in the PLM space since 2003. Our goal is to allow SAP users to efficiently and strategically implement and utilize a variety of SAP products.

SAP Workflow Made EZ – Integrated Process Solution (IPS)

If you are looking for a true end-to-end process solution, then look no further than IPS. This out-of-the-box SAP add-on leverages SAP workflow to enable easy-to-use and easily modifiable workflows across entire business processes from development through support and maintenance. A common use for IPS has been integrating outside strategic systems into your company’s SAP processes, allowing for real-time sharing of data throughout the entire enterprise. Working across any SAP object on any SAP UI, IPS is the complete workflow tool for all your SAP business processes.

SAP BOM and Material Extension - BMAX

Utilizing a rules-based engine, BMAX is the one-click wonder for automating the creation and extension of BOM’s and Materials in your operations. This tool gives customers a huge advantage by allowing for the instant extension of Materials or BOM to multiple plants or off-premise locations with the click of a mouse. Once the governance rules are defined, BMAX gets to work.

Simplify SAP Data Integration and Migration – DataLark

This drag-and-drop solution is simple to install and configure your daily tasks such as data extraction, transformation, and load within SAP or non-SAP systems. DataLark can be used differently depending on the business need for your company. There is a Migration studio (VXm) that is for user-controlled data migrations as well as Integration Server (VXi) that is used for automated data processes and integration. Whether you need a one-time dump of data into a system or a continuous stream of data from system to system, DataLark can be configured to accelerate any data migration or integration challenges that you might face.


Intuitive SAP User Interfaces (UI) – IQ Suite

A suite of Fiori-based SAP UI’s designed to make SAP more intuitive for end-users and provides the capability to extend SAP UI’s to any device.

  • IQ DMS

Commonly used to replace current cFolders and SAP EasyDMS users. IQ DMS is a Fiori-based UI solution that gives companies the ability to securely and easily collaborate and share SAP data with their external supply chain members. IQ DMS provides users with a user-friendly Fiori dashboard, where they can access data and documents from anywhere in the supply chain, whether it be on the shop floor or in the corporate office.

  • IQ RD Content

A project accelerator designed to streamline SAP Recipe Development implementation for Food & Beverage companies. To reduce the effort of data gathering and manual creation in the system, IQ RD Content gives you an easy-to-navigate dashboard linking all of your RD project data in one central location.

  • IQ Launch

Like our other IQ products, IQ Launch uses a Fiori-based UI to gather all of the key project information in one central dashboard. Since this dashboard utilizes Fiori tiles, users can easily configure the UI as needed and also integrate with other crucial PMO applications within your operations. This allows for much more efficient product development and release.

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