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Offshore Development
Center Setup

Establish your offshore development center (ODC) by hiring a dedicated development team or scaling your in-house staff.


Cut down administrative costs

With the ODC setup model, you don’t bear hiring costs on recruiting and hiring an in-house team. By delegating all the administrative processes to a reliable service provider, you save time and money.

Staff your team with the right talents

Your in-house team may lack the specific skills or you may need to set up a team as soon as possible for your new project. With access to the rich talent pool, we can provide you with the right specialists.

Meet your growing project needs flexibly

With the ODC model, you have an opportunity for extending your team fast every time your project needs extra skills. Paying only for the setup services, you can scale the project scalably and focus on the core goals without slowing down the project delivery.

Expand your team fast

The faster you ramp up your development team, the faster you will be able to deliver your project without schedule delays. By delegating the hiring process to industry experts with access to a wide variety of tech specialists, you can keep on working on the project non-stop.

Build a cost-effective infrastructure

You get an offshore development center with the required infrastruсture, including people, processes, and equipment. You don’t need to manage any operational processes as it’s on the provider’s side..

Set up an ODC remotely

In collaboration with a reliable service provider, you can establish an offshore development center remotely. Industry experts that are well-versed in the local market can help you set up all the processes related to staff, office workplaces, and equipment. Find out how much it will cost to build an ODC in Europe.


Our engagement models are based on the challenges our customers may need when launching a software development project

Dedicated Development Team

If you’re going to launch a long-term project but need to set up a project team quickly, the dedicated development team model is a perfect fit. LeverX will maintain all the aspects connected with team development and project delivery. To help our clients to stay focused on their business strategy, we provide delivery managers, including project managers, business analysts, and team leads that ensure smooth project delivery and completion.


On-Demand Team Augmentation

Are you a fast-growing company and need to scale your team fast? Or Are you looking for extra resources to meet your current project needs? We offer an on-demand staff augmentation model to expand your in-house IT team with additional resources that will work according to the methodologies and processes used within your company. As per the model, we offer designers, developers, DevOps engineers, and testers to complete your project tasks.

To ensure flexibility in collaboration with our clients, we offer multiple engagement options, including:
  • Fix-bid projects
  • Hybrid teams
  • Dedicated resources
  • Technology partnerships

Our Expertise

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Python, .NET, Java, Node.js, DataBase, Ruby, React Native, ReactJS, Laravel, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Ionic
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Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, Chatbots, Blockchain
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Finance & Banking, Legal, Insurance, Healthcare, eLearning, Retail, E-commerce, Telecom, Automotive, Travel, Fitness & Sports, HR


Analysis and preparation

Our ODC setup starts with:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Identifying your project needs
  • Defining the right dedicated team model

Team assembling

Once your team requirements are defined, we proceed with:

  • Finding candidates to match them
  • Interviewing the candidates
  • Choosing the candidates

Team functioning

Finally, we complete the ODC setup by:

  • Providing your dedicated team with everything they need for performing the project tasks
  • Establishing efficient management and operation procedures
  • Ensuring transparent reporting