LeverX is pleased to announce our participation in the SAP BTP Champion Days event, aimed at preparing businesses for the future. The event has started in SAP Palo Alto and will continue in SAP Miami.

Unlocking the Potential of SAP Business Technology Platform: LeverX Webinar Series

Want to know how businesses maintain their competitive edge in the digital landscape? LeverX has been actively engaged in leveraging various SAP cloud offerings, including past offerings like SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform, and most recently, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Supported by SAP and AWS, our extensive experience in this domain is now being channeled into a series of informative webinars. Join us as we examine our journey thus far and explore what lies ahead.

What Does the SAP BTP Webinar Series Entail?

Throughout our series of webinars and workshops, participants can expect to:

  • Gain insights into real-world use cases and case studies successfully addressed by LeverX with solutions developed using SAP BTP and its services.
  • Explore the innovative features of SAP Business Technology Platform across various pillars, including Application Development & Automation, Integration, Data & Analytics, and AI. Our workshop series spotlights these capabilities, offering valuable insights into their functionalities.
  • Experience live demonstrations during the workshops that provide a firsthand view of the creation process for tangible SAP BTP solutions. These demonstrations go beyond essential technical insights, allowing participants to directly engage with the development process.
  • Focus on fundamental concepts throughout the sessions, such as extensions and standalone solutions development using Low-Code/No-Code and Pro-Code approaches, as well as Enterprise Automation and AI services. This focus deepens participants' understanding of these critical aspects of SAP BTP.

By delivering essential technical details, demonstrating existing architectures, and featuring live demos of reference projects, our overarching goal is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and potential of SAP BTP for the development of both SAP and non-SAP solutions extensions.

Recap of Past Events

We have already held three enlightening sessions, each diving deep into different facets of SAP BTP:

The inaugural webinar on SAP BTP Integration Suite

This session provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of SAP BTP Integration Suite, showcasing its capabilities in establishing seamless connections between cloud-based applications and services. Participants learned how to integrate AI capabilities and streamline integration with third-party applications, gaining valuable insights into real-world use cases.

Automating manual routine tasks using AI and SAP Build Process Automation

In this webinar, we explored the critical role of process automation in modern business operations. Participants delved into SAP Enterprise Automation and discovered solutions for automating tasks and workflows, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhancing standard solutions through extension development

The latest installment focused on extending the functionalities of standard SAP solutions. Participants gained insights into why BTP is the preferred platform for extension development, exploring features, methods, and principles like the Clean Core Principle.

If you missed out on these webinars, fret not! You can easily access the recordings, presentations, and Q&A sessions by clicking “Watch on demand” here. Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars for our upcoming events—we have plenty more valuable insights to share!

Upcoming Events

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming webinars, each promising to deliver invaluable insights into the capabilities of SAP BTP:

  • Intelligent technologies: SAP BTP and its AI capabilities (March 21): Dive into the transformative power of AI-driven solutions within SAP BTP, exploring how they empower modern cloud applications to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.
  • SAP Datasphere & SAP Analytics Cloud: Central enterprise data & analytics layer (April 4): Explore the invaluable insights that analytics can provide with SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud, examining real-world use cases for a comprehensive review of their functionalities.
  • SAP BTP Landscape Modernization Best Practices (April 18): Gain a thorough understanding of landscape modernization with LeverX's expertise in SAP BTP migration projects. Learn how to be beyond BTP offerings by leveraging AWS services in your solutions. Receive direct recommendations and industry best practices for upcoming migration and modernization projects.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Join us on this captivating journey through the realm of SAP Business Technology Platform. Whether you're a seasoned professional or embarking on your digital transformation journey, our webinars provide invaluable insights and practical knowledge to unlock the full potential of SAP BTP.

Should you have any questions regarding your BTP project, whether it's seeking consultation or estimation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through the form below. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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