Create an organized and transparent supply chain with SAP SCM

Improve the speed and transparency of your inventory operations in an increasingly complex business environment

Ensure smart management of your supply chain

LeverX specializes in implementing supply chain management solutions for retail, wholesale, logistics, and manufacturing companies.

Our team has more than 60 members with strong expertise in working on supply chain management projects – our developers, system architects, SAP consultants, and project managers have successfully completed more than 60 SAP SCM projects for client companies in oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, automotive, and food processing industries since 2008.

LeverX works hard to make your business more agile and competitive with SAP Supply Chain Management modules. We help you:

  • Automate sourcing requests from suppliers
  • Effectively manage supply-and-demand chain networks
  • Optimize sales, inventory, and operations
  • Improve operations speed and transparency
  • Save money thanks to smart fleet management
  • Calculate transportation quotes faster
  • Speed up product flow through the storage facilities

Go from same-day to same-hour delivery with SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Since 2009 we have completed more than 40 SAP EWM projects for 22 customers. We have more than 40 developers, architects, and SAP consultants proficient in SAP EWM solutions implementation.

We are proud that we work as part of the SAP Custom Development team and improve SAP EWM functionality for more and more companies worldwide. Over the years we've built a strong team capable of working in the most complex business environments.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management is an advanced tool that helps you:

  • Optimize stock levels to ensure constant availability of goods, as well as great great customer satisfaction levels
  • Rework your business processes based on best practices in supply chain and warehouse management
  • Improve your delivery speed by packing items for multiple customers at once
  • Boost inventory visibility and performance, using real-time, actionable data from connected SAP systems
  • Easily scale your new SAP EWM solution to other facilities

LeverX is ready to implement SAP EWM at your location so that you can improve your operational effectiveness, adopt industry best practices, and enjoy complete end-to-end integration both within the SAP environment and outside of it.

Secure all the many benefits of supply chain management with LeverX

Working on an SCM implementation, we strive to max out the chief business opportunities that the solution provides:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Better inventory visibility
  • Faster sourcing and ordering
  • Reduced shipment-related errors

Stand out from the competition with an organized, streamlined, and transparent supply chain. Quickly adjust to sudden fluctuations in demand and supply, and deliver better service to your customers.

Let’s discuss your supply-chain-management challenges and how LeverX’s team of experts can help you overcome them.