Create an Intelligent Supply Chain with SAP Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Improve the speed, transparency, and efficiency of all product lifecycle stages, from planning to operations

Create an Intelligent Supply Chain with SAP Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Improve the speed, transparency, and efficiency of all product lifecycle stages, from planning to operations

Ensure smart management of your supply chain

LeverX specializes in implementing supply chain management solutions for retail, wholesale, logistics, and manufacturing companies.

Our team has more than 60 members with strong expertise in working on supply chain management projects – our developers, system architects, SAP consultants, and project managers have successfully completed more than 60 SAP Supply Chain Management projects for client companies in oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, automotive, and food processing industries since 2008.

LeverX works hard to make your business more agile and competitive with the SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions. We help you:

  • Automate sourcing requests from suppliers
  • Effectively manage supply and demand chain networks
  • Optimize sales, inventory, and operations
  • Improve operations speed and transparency
  • Save money thanks to smart fleet and smart asset management
  • Calculate transportation quotes faster
  • Speed up product flow through the storage facilities

Choose right SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions to boost visibility of your network

LeverX is ready to implement SAP DSC solutions so that you can improve your operational effectiveness, adopt the industry best practices, and enjoy end-to-end integration within the SAP environment and outside of it.

SAP Digital Supply Chain comprises intelligent solutions and technologies to achieve the delivery of advanced customer-oriented products and services. Their tandem with the experience of the LeverX team will enable maximum business efficiency.

We work with a vast variety of SAP software for Digital Supply Chain Management in each of the solution areas:   

Supply Chain Planning

Integrated Business Planning, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Collaboration, etc.

Manufacturing processes

S/4HANA Manufacturing solutions, Manufacturing Execution, Industrial IoT solutions, Digital Manufacturing Cloud, etc.

Supply Chain Logistics

Extended Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Yard Logistics, Global Track and Trace, etc

Asset Management

Asset Strategy and Performance Management, Predictive Maintenance and Service, Asset Intelligence Network, Environment, Health, and Safety Management, etc.

Engineering/R&D and PLM

Portfolio and Project Management, Intelligent Product Design,

Product Lifecycle Costing, Engineering Control Center, Product Compliance, etc.

Secure all the many benefits of SAP Digital Supply Chain Management with LeverX

Working on the SAP Digital Supply Chain implementation, we strive to max out the chief business opportunities that the set of solutions provides. You will increase your market share through improving every product lifecycle phase:


Digital Supply Chain carefully considers all customers’ demands to provide utmost forecast accuracy.


Individualization is the key. A rich choice of design options aims to meet expectations of any audience and give increased product visibility.


All manufacturing processes are continually automated. Flexibility of manufacturing leads to more fruitful cooperation with contractors and increased employee productivity.


Digital supply chain provides faster sourcing and ordering processes as well as more efficient logistics.


Constant monitoring of physical assets, predicting possible breakdowns, and eliminating them significantly minimize the risk of errors.

If you are on the way to the intelligent enterprise, SAP Digital Supply Chain is a business imperative. Digital connectivity is demanded for a huge network of customers, partners, suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, and other members of supply-chain processes.

Stand out from the competition with an organized, streamlined, and transparent supply chain. Quickly adjust to sudden fluctuations in demand and supply and deliver better service to your customers.

Let’s discuss your supply chain management challenges and all the ways LeverX can help you overcome them.